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No oggys for GPX 250 ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rabbit, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. In anticipation of dropping my bike, Ive tried to get oggys, but was told by the kawasaki dealer that they don't exist for the 07 GPX 250s

    Same for Ozzy knobs.

    Are there any other options ?
  2. Crash bars - which will actually protect your fairings in a drop.
  3. The dealer forgot to mention that your gpx250 actually comes with crash nobs for free. The indicators.
  4. no offence dude, but it might actually look better after it's been dropped. :p Just kidding. You could make your own bracket though.
  5. They suffer minimal damage in a drop anyway, buddy. Most sportsbikes with Oggy Knobbs take on more damage than a GPX does in a stationary or low speed drop. Actually if the bike just falls over and you can hold the bars straight, nothing gets damaged at all. :grin:
  6. I'm still gonna cry when I drop it.....

    Will check out crash bars tho. thx
  7. Dont drop it .. :grin:
  8. As per Tenoq's post, I've seen a GPX after a small drop and I don't think Oggy knobs would help that much. Save the money on Oggy's and do some rider training, it'll work out cheaper :wink: