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no numberplate..no speedticket?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by geoffbickle, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. If a bike gets flashed from the front (no numberplate) ... that means you wont get a speeding ticket in the mail correct?

  2. Unless you have some other way of easily being identified from the front... no, you wont get a ticket.
  3. If its a cop, he can stick his head out and check your rear plate - if he wants to go to the trouble. In practise it's rare. Civic Compliance operators need photographic evidence. A few front AND rear units are around but I think they are mostly flashless.
  4. Did you get flashed Geoff?
  5. So Geoff what you should do if you see one go past it in the direction so it flashes your front, make sure your doing a wheelie at 100+ km in 60 zone. Then you might be able to be famous and brag that you were on the news?
  6. Doesnt work trust me,id be on the news on a weekly basis if it did :LOL:
  7. spare a thought.

    In NSW they get you from behind
  8. Thats what a rego sticker holder is for :wink: 8) Cant find ya if they cant see the plate :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Most of ours do too. Think yourself lucky that you don't get booked on the freeway if you leave your cruise control on while cresting a hill. :p
  10. What? :shock: Your kidding arn't you?
  11. With a 3kph tolerance it's very VERY easy to get done if your cruise is a little overzealous.
  12. yes i got flashed from the front ...sok though nothing in mail so i guess having a bike cuts your speeding tickets in half...and if your quick enough to see the camera flash you can turn off before you pass it so they dont get your behind
  13. what they can get you from behind!
    do they do that in qld???or just nsw ? handy to know planning a trip south soon. ithink most speed cameras takes the photos of the front of the vehicle, as the camera is faced to the oncoming traffic in the landcruiser

    my first reaction is to reach over and cover my plate with hand anyway, just in case!!
    these look good tooo, illegal, but good.
  14. i though the landcruisers always got you from behind?!
  15. Don't most of the roadside camera's in Vic take photo's from the back? As well as the big one's stuck on pole as Traffic Lights (speed/red light camera's)?
    Herbalaire Vaporizers
  16. To the best of my knowledge the cameras in Qld get you as you drive past i.e. from behind.I vaguely recall someone saying that they dont do you from the front anymore because it could be a breach of privacy,( Like the neighbours wife in the front seat with you) etc etc

    Or maybe thats a rumour.I drive the road between Brisbane and the Gold Coast almost every day and all the vehicle mounted speed cameras seem to be set up to get you from behind.

    Take care.
  17. That's exactly right. But you'll notice they put warning signs on both sides of the road. spazoez.[/code]
  18. Did anyone ever see that handy little number plate hiding device that was for sale a few years ago?
    I think it lasted about a month or two until the powers that be made it illegal!
    For those that didn't see it, it was essentially two plates joined by a hinge which could be actuated by cable by the rider whenever they didn't want their plate to be seen. Can't remember what it was called though.