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No nose picking when you drive!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by BlueMonkey, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Interesting title yeah. Now that I get your attention, here's my story...

    I had a wonderful ride up to Mt Glorious this morning. On my way back on the Waterworks Rd heading towards Ashgrove at The Gap, there was this black RAV4 on the left lane. I was gaining speed on the right lane when I saw this guy with his earphones on and picking his nose.:yuck:

    He must have reached the GOLD when he started to drift towards my lane. Luckily I slowed down in time as I was on alert. It wouldn't take much to knock me off 'coz I was on the left tyre track of the right lane.

    The MFK only realised when his tyres hitting the road reflectors. All I can do is shook my head disgusted.

    Next time when you see some mining business going on, beware! :LOL:
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  2. Doesn't this sort of thing embarrass people? You see it on trains, buses, in the park, on the roads, ...everywhere! Bad enough when you see a 5yo with a knuckle buried in a nostril but seeing 40yo aping them is just :shock: Don't people understand companies make a business out of manufacturing tissues for situations like this?

    If you're gonna do it, do so without squandering brain activity so other functions don't suffer from inattentiveness and think of others... try to be discrete.

    The same can be said for twirling hair, applying make-up or a myriad of other unnecessary activities that some road users feel appropriate at the expense of attentiveness.
  3. Embarrassing bodies says that nose picking is actually not unhealthy and is required to clean your nose. Just dont do it in public I suppose
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    Mum much better to do it seamlessly mid conversation.... Then you can whip it out mid job interview to demonstrate your multitasking skills.
  5. make sure your visor is down if they flick it out the window
  6. I don't understand why drivers wear earphones whilst driving... They have a radio and anything that restricts head movement is bad, right?

    It can't be that safe either? Blocking out what is happening around you?
  7. I'm glad that Mr Rav4 noticed he was off-track before he drifted too far, but, there might be a few other things to think about in that lot too.
  8. I reserve my right to pick my nose at any time, driving is a prime opportunity.

    as for the headphones often its so they can talk on the mobile, or if their car stereo is broken. Headphone for phone conversations is the best and most clearest way to have a phone conversation while driving.
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