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No non-LAMS FZ6R's?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bulby, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Now I still have another 11 months before I get off restrictions, but I just can't help checking out nearly every bike I see. Not like it helps narrow down the list though. If anything, just makes me want them all. LOL

    So anyways, the FZ6R. It is LAMS. That much I know. What I'm wondering is how come they only have 1 LAMS legal version, while there are non-LAMS variants of ER6f (Ninja 650R) and GSX650F?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. I just can't figure out why. I mean, the yanks' done a comparo on these 3 bikes, and their dyno-chart figures came out pretty similar for all 3.

    Does this mean they only sell restricted FZ6R's over here?
  2. Most of the 500-650cc learner bikes have a throttle type restriction on them. This means that when you get up to high speed (usually 100+ kph) it restricts your acceleration, thus making them appropriate for learners.

    Most of the bikes that have this restriction on them stay restricted because most people simply upgrade to a higher cc bike rather than remove the restriction. As well as this, some of them require a whole new ECU which can be extremely expensive.

    Hope this helps.
  3. I don't think the FZ6R is LAMS it's not on the NSW list anyway.

    The XJ6L is on the list but not the FZ.
  4. FZ6R & XJ6F are the same bikes. its sold as FZ6R overseas & here as XJ6F on papers. Apparently, what the dealer told me, yamaha couldb't be bothered / wanted to save money and didn't bother chaging the decals on them.

    Also, the FZ6R cannot legally be derestricted as its meant to be sold as a LAMS bike only.

    Edit: Also, the restriction on them is just a throttle stop. can be purchased here:
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    In qld it is definitely lams or atleast comes in a lams variant. I seen them myself new on the local Yamaha floor
  6. Just to note, I am selling my XJ6SL atm, currently re-restricted...
  7. So pretty much, they don't sell the unrestricted version here?
    Shame. I reckon the FZ6R is the prettiest of the bunch.
  8. i almost bought that when i was looking for my first bike. its got handle bars, not clip ons. also, the 2 biggest things that put me off were that exhaust under the bike and also, the pegs start scraping at slight leaning.

    but, the white one i reckon looks the best.
  9. Easy to de-restrict the FZ6R.
    Just change the crank where the throttle cables attach to the F.I. body for one off the XJ6N.
    No ECU mapping, nothing.
    Put it back when you sell it!!
  10. The XJ6S (not SL) is not restricted, and is identical to the FZ6R minus the front fairings. Mechanically is the same as the FZ6R sold in the US.

    Very underrated bike, is a shame. I think the underbody exhaust is good (out of the way for pillions, won't sustain much damage in the event of a spill, centralizes mass down low) and the pegs can be solved with peg extenders (not long ago I gave away a set of peg risers here in Netrider)

    Also, the LAMS bikes can be easily derestricted (is just a throttle stopper) if you are really keen on an FZ6R.
  11. Any chance of strapping front fairings on the XJ6S? LOL

    To be honest, I haven't decided what I want to upgrade to. Afterall, I still have another 11 months to sit on it. Though I have to admit, easy-to-derestric restricted LAMS bikes are tempting.

    I'm just curious about the non-existence of non-LAMS FZ6R's in Aussieland, that's all :)
  12. The XJ6S and XJ6S didn't sold to well in Australia, even thou is a very capable motorcycle.

    It seems the trend is once you're out of your restrictions, most people want to jump to something a lot bigger, and bikes like the XJ6 are right in the middle (70-ish hp).

    At the time of bringing the XJ6F (FZ6R) I think Yamaha tried instead to market said bikes into the LAMS scheme, were they could make more profit from learners liking the looks of bigger bikes.
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