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No neutral while stationary after service

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by sunrise, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. My bike (Hyo250) had its 16k service 500km ago (oil/filter/valve check), and ever since then I'm rarely able to get it in neutral while its stationary.. If it's rolling a bit forward it's fine. Never had an issue before the service, it would go into neutral first time every time pretty much.. Thought it might disappear after a bit of a ride in, but 500k later it's still doing it. Apart from the obvious of taking it back to the shop, any ideas? The oil type/viscosity used perhaps?

  2. Take it back.
  3. Blip the throttle a bit before trying to get it in.
  4. Tried that too.. If I hold in the clutch, makes no diff.. If I release the clutch a little so the bike is rolling forward,then I can find H. (Neutral). :)
    But that doesn't solve the issue ...
  5. Hmm.. maybe on last service they have adjusted the clutch cable a little to tight.

    But I am by no means any power with a spanner, so suggest wait for one of the regular grease monkeys :D on here to reply

    Hope it gets sorted soon, I know it a frustrating little issue.
  6. take it back
  7. Mine used to do that..but that was more about the bike telling me to change the oil..which I did every 3000kms. Try adjusting the cable from the engine end..as opposed to the handle bar end.
    Edit..here's a linky to the Korider site..it has an article on this issue

  8. Difficulty selecting neutral is a classic symptom of clutch drag. Take it back and ask them to adjust it properly.
  9. Take it back and ask them to adjust it properly
  10. This happened to mine after I changed the oil to motul. Never did figure it out. Just lived with it.