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No need for laxatives with these

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Banana Fred, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Picture106.

  2. Reminds me of my mum's home made hot sauce

    That stuff would rip the hair off ya chest and if ya didn't have any it would put it on and then rip it off
  3. That's funny I didn't see any of those sauces at the Jindivick chilli festival on the weekend :eek:
    Although I did see a chilli sauce that comes in a sealed box , that requires you to sign a waiver to try/buy it. The Afterdeath 3 am reserve woo dats hot :shock: http://www.deathsauce.com.au/3amreserve.html
  4. Hey Jace, how good are some of Haggis's sauces Mmmmmm.
    Although i still prefer the Chilli in the cooking rather than a sauce.
  5. After Death did me in, good and proper. I thought I was a chilli guy.
  6. Yeah... there are the amateur, quick-burn no-taste crap that will burn the inside of your mouth before you get the food close...

    Or, as I prefer, the good ones where you can taste the full flavor and then it builds up a roaring fire that will only be quenched by a beer :grin:
  7. +1 to that. Simply making stuff hot isn't hard - just get yourself a container of paprika oleoresin and dilute it down so it won't kill anyone (that stuff is seriously nasty in it's pure form). Making sauce that is hot AND tastes great is the real trick.
  8. Theres a mico brewery in Perth that makes a Chilli beer :grin: best of 2 of my favorite foods in 1 :grin:
  9. I think it might be Robinsons?
    They had a stall at Jindivick. They were flogging their normal chilli beer and also one that was jam packed full of chilli's. The guy described it as firewater. Not sure why you would bother? except maybe as a prank.

    Anyone can load up a dish or sauce with crazy amounts of chilli. But finding that sweet balance of pleasure and pain in CHILLIness takes real skill. :wink:

  10. Nah the place in Perth dosent bottle it, they brew it on premisis and it's only on tap.
  11. So, does it turn out like that Tequila with spice that you just cant fathom no matter how drunk you are? :?

    Cos i drink beer to cool off mostly... but to warm up as well... now thats just not natural :LOL:

    Cos i've had chili hot-choc and it just burned the back of the throat, thats all it did, would prob have tasted better had the supplier used hot milk instead of just hot water ;)
  12. You need to try the dark-chocolate and chilli hot choc at the Daylesford Chocolate Mill - that stuff is real good (and it's a good excuse for a ride through the Macedon Ranges).
  13. Ok IT's not Robinson's cause that's from Queensland shoulda spotted that one.
    IT must be the sail and anchor pub's brew (down the bottom of the page)
    Google has been runnning hot at work today. :)

    Hey JD the Daylesford Chocolate Mill sounds real good. Any excuse to go through the Macedon Ranges is a good one. :wink: