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No name but definitely shame shame shame

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by eve, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Riding to work this morning along the west gate freeway from Geelong when I hit the Millers exit way - commuters will know this is usually very congested during peak hour traffic.

    The traffic had stopped and all was semi silent when ZIIIIIIIP - a blue scooter passed me … In the emergency lane - ???


    :-k :? :mad:

    About 1km further towards the bridge a broken down car was in that lane - and i was thinking how bl00dy dangerous that person was to ride there.

    Seeking opinions on idiots - I mean riders who use the emergency lane… ?

    [Please note this is not a scooter sledging post - although it should be]
  2. maybe he had an emergency situation!!
    Nature's call can often, if ignored, convert into emergency situations !! :|
  3. maybe the scooter was under the car?
  4. MMmmmmm Let me be clear

    The SCOOTER was riding in the emergency lane up to the point of the bridge - then chose a lane into the city... no emergency just a vacant lane.
  5. Opinion is irrelevant. It's illegal by definition. The cops will ping you if they catch you doing it.

    I used to see cars do this all the time on the Western Ring road when there was the usual smash on that crappy road every other week up around Sunshine way.
  6. tool...
    when i ride to and from work (in sydney) there are things you do and things you dont.. i, and many others see that as a dont.. not to say i havent done it before. once. on mona vale rd. yes i am a tool
  7. Eve just admit it U HATE SCOOTERS!!! :grin:
  8. Plenty of bikes use the shoulder/emergency lane on the M5 whenever it turns into a car park. It's not legal, but it is safer then filtering the traffic (which is also illegal) as the shoulder is about 1 1/2 lanes wide most of the way.

    I don’t know about the particular stretch of road your talking about so i cant comment on the stupidity level of the persons actions, but i really don’t see the problem as far as people doing it on the M5 are concerned as long as they are doing a sensible speed.

    Have never seen one rider in the 3 1/2 years i've been driving and riding the M5 in peak hour, sit in the traffic when it is backed up and not moving.
  9. I dont HATE scooters.... 250's and scooters are nearly cousins
    Both gutless pieces of $hit...


    [i'm stuck with a 250 btw]
  10. hows the lancer ?. speaking of gutless
  11. oh you are a comedian
  12. about the emergency lane...

    i've used it a few times, but only if i cant get around a car, i dont ride in it 4 a long time.. and besides u get punctures in the emergency lane.

    Eve u still hate scooters..... :p
  13. +1 I have used them and will use them again. FTW :twisted:
  14. a little poke never hurt
  15. I have, and then I saw him again, and again in my rear view after I went past him :LOL:
  16. I'll always split up the middle rather than use the emergency lane, even if it occasionally means getting stuck behind a couple of enormous fat 4-bies with high mirrors stubbornly sitting side by side.

    I'm not sure I completely understand the disdain for those who use the emergency lane, though. It's not as though a bike is going to block the lane and make it impossible for emergency services to get through or anything.

    Two practical reasons to avoid it though: 1. crap and nails and screws and plenty of other tyre-poison in that lane and 2. the 'oh crap, my kid just hurled all over the back seat, must pull over instantly without looking' reactions - or even those trying to do the right thing by pulling over before answering the phone.
  17. Oh Matti you do it??? Then it must be okay
  18. when i cross over the M2 on my travels each day and look down at the sea of cars doing nothing i too would be in the angels lane.
  19. i don't ride a scooter thanks very much...
  20. I do it when its a carpark.