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no MOST tests to get a bike licence

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. I don’t believe in the most test for getting a license.

    The whole thing is a useless experiment; you can train a monkey to ride a mini bike around a circus tent, but don’t think he'd last long on the open road, or in traffic around town. Sure he might be able to maneuver around a car park, that’s till a car runs into him, poor monkey!

    I suggest there should be no test at all to pass your L's and P's

    that’s right no test, but the courses should still go ahead, and the instructor should give hints and tips and analyze your riding skills both in the car park (slow speeds) and on the open road in traffic. And if you make it through the course with no major problems you should get a certificate and licenses. If you don’t look competent or the instructor thinks you need more training, he would just suggest to do the course again, taking note of what they did wrong and practice. The practice never ends you'll learn things well after you have your full license.

  2. Sooooooo, if you ride well all day, you get your license. If you don't ride proficiently all day, you don't get your license.

    All you're proposing here is replacing a 15 minute test which has a rigid, objective pass/fail structure with a six hour testing period whose pass/fail criteria is totally subjective and subject to the whims of an instructor who may be having a crappy day or may think you smell funny.

    The first time you posted this (before it was eaten by the server) you said that this should be done so that people don't fail the test due to nervousness/stress. As if the stress of having 6 hours to practice before a 15 minute test wasn't enough - under your proposal you'd have the stress of riding flawlessly for 6 hours straight while you're learning basic riding skills, not knowing if you're good enough in the instructor's eyes to pass or not until the end of the day.

    People would be concentrating too much on "not failing" and not enough on learning techniques and skills, IMHO.

    I'm sorry, but I disagree. :)
  3. no, what i was talking about was something like the pre learner course, where there was no formal test, if you made it round the course, it was a pass, if you ended up in a bush, the instructor would say to you in a friendly manner, try comming for some pre course training.

    the pre provisional course should be the same thing, if you dont look ready, he would suggest doing a post learner course, like HART offer, which is like the pre provisional, with no stress and more tips
  4. you wouldnt be assessed on the introducing youself part of the pre provisionals etc

    like i said saw people road ridding and training round the cones and stopping and swerving perfectly, then the test and they stuff up, im sure even the instructor feels bad failing them, but thats what they have to do now. Seen others all over the road and hitting cones during training, but somehow fluke it during the test.

    Also some bikes are easier to do certain slow ridding stunts on, a small wheelbase bike can go round the box easier than a sports bike with low handle clip ons, and a bike with twin disc breaks can stop faster than an old bike with drums

    A whole day general acessment of on and off road would help with these problems.

    you would fail, only if you dont show , basic ridding skills, safe roadcraft skills and if you dont improve on mistakes the instructor points out, there would be room for minor mistakes, if you learn from them and improve on then during the course
  5. The P's test is easy already; if you fail the P's test you really need to take a good hard look at what you are doing wrong... One of the guys on our course did it on a full length cruiser even with no trouble. The whole point of the P's course they kept talking about was that you should realize that riding is a continuous process of learning, the instructor i had spent half the day drilling that into us... Even an idiot could tell this was the main point he was trying to convey. In the end of course they need a very strict test to keep the beurocrats happy. But the main point they were trying to get across during the entire day was that the process of becoming a better rider involves self reflection on ones own abilities.
  6. I agree, the test itself wasnt difficult, however the days traing and roadcraft demo/experience was invaluable, if only car drivers had the same sort of training....

    the basic tests are there to determine how effective you are at low speed manouvering, stopping and avoiding obstacles, i dont have a problem with it at all, however feel that a road riding component where you are assesed would also be useful.. however as pointed out already this could be quite subjective and therefore not entirely a "fair" testing method.
  7. The MOST test is just like the learners test. You spend all day (6 hours) practicing (they were giving us pointers when I did it) and then each person takes a 5 minute test at the end which is the only part of the day which your marked on. The only way you can fail before that is by displaying gross incompetence which is exactly what the point of the day is. The test is just a technicality but the reality is that they're looking to make sure that you can constantly ride around without making serious mistakes. There is a road ride section for the reason you mentioned.

    Don't get my wrong, at the time it sucked, but I can see the point of it. Those tests are what keeps the morons off bikes. Every day you see people that shouldn't have a car license, you don't see that on bikes to the same degree and the tests are the reasons why. (either that or all the bad ones get killed before they have the chance to be seen).

    PS: You can see the strings on that monkey video. :LOL:
  8. if i was a priminister i would make police give notice of "GO BACK LEARN HOW TO DRIVE lessons" to individuals that they see that is not using safe roadcraft and/or just CANT drive Even when they are on their fulls *e.g asians in chinatown* or incur a fine of 250 and 2 points if they past deadline .. man some girls jus cannot drive and their parents are buying them 08 holden, Suzuki swifts etc
  9. the course / test is an easy thing. yeah sure you can do your L's and P's on a 50cc scooter and then you free to cause havoc on a CBR250.. its better than nothing though. ever thought that it might be the theory that they talk to you about that is important. that P's test stops you from looking like a goose when you cant turn around in a carpark to get a 6 pack.
  10. i totally disagree.

    The test is a GOOD idea. People who fail to control their bike in the test are not given licenses.

    Yes - its all around a carpark, but better than just handing out licenses.

    This thread seems rather silly to be honest.
  11. what he said. ^^^. did have a guy at mine who was crap on the road and all the practice but made the test. thats when i question it as i thought the whole day had some bearing on the final outcome. anyway lets hope the big scary test keeps people away who shouldnt be there.