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No more work for me .....yeefuginha

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nobby, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. I got layed off 4 wks ago and it hit pretty hard, especially when you hit the job market and see what isn't on offer to those more mature unemployed. Rather than let it depress me I started looking at "do I really want to go back to work?" and it hit me like a brick "I DON'T! and more importantly with a bit of financial tweeking and redeployment of resources I don't need too........... hello retirement (y)
    First thing we did was look for a "seachange" we looked around Rhyll on Phillip Island but couldn't find what we wanted for what we wanted to pay, (much to my sons disgust as he was thinking cheap digs for GP and Supers) We finally settled on a place at Paynesville, 5 minutes walk to the town and one and only pub, 20km from the Great Alpine Rd, and 17 km from the start of the Barry Sheene GP run, and 5 minutes to the boat ramp, we have also put a deposit down on a 21' Trailer Sailer for a bit of fun on the lakes..

    So in 30 days we will say goodbye to Beigewick and Hello retirement in Gippsland... (y):finger:(y) I am so fcuking looking forward to this, reckon I might rename the boat, "Sideshow Bob"
  2. Sometimes it's just a matter of rethinking your priorities & expectations.

    Great that you changed what could have been a very depressing kick in the teeth into an opportunity to enjoy the rest of your life.

  3. Good on ya mate(y) , life is pretty short anyway. My dad recently retired at 70 and would you know it he gets sick and they find a tumor. Thankfully it is operable but it sure makes you think. I wish you and you partner all the happiness in the world mate. I on the other hand have at least 20 years of work left unless off course I win the Lotto:).
  4. Good Luck to you Nobby, nice place to settle. Best Wishes in retirement.
  5. Excellent. But last time I was in Paynesville, a lot of the properties looked really really expensive - like 1mill plus.
  6. on the canal there pricey Mick, but we have nowhere near that sort of money, we will be in the old section, if I stand on the roof and stretch we have water views, :LOL:
  7. Good on ya, Nobby enjoy the fishing.
  8. All the BEST!

  9. That's what I figured. I was there in October this year, the last time I was there was in 1983. It was amazing to see the difference.
  10. Hope you have a great retirement!.... I am envious! :) Sometimes that push is what is needed to have a rethink. Congrats!...
  11. good stuff

    more time for Netriding :ROFLMAO:
  12. onya mate

    fcuk the man
  13. Awesome stuff mate, good luck with it!

    Can't wait until I retire, only 37 years to go!
  14. About 10 yrs for me.

  15. Congrats mate, sounds like the perfect ending :) now you can enjoy life without having to bend over on a weekly basis
  16. Brilliant news, nobby! Enjoy the hell out of it :)
  17. I know what you mean my mates dad worked at Bunnings, stopped work at 72 and passed away before his 74th. I had a wee heart attack 6yrs ago and that was enough to scare the crap out of me.
  18. Thanks paul, I'm coming after your post count so watch out!
  19. I'm married mate, there will still be some moments when you just have to take what's coming at you.:geek:
  20. well you have a lot more spare time now :ROFLMAO: