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No more wanking at work

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by mickdundee, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. :LOL: :LOL:

    Reminds me of the office...Do you know which show that is??
  2. That was fcukin funny.
  3. The best bit was the bloke at the end. Proiceless!
  4. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    rofl or should i say rofw :p
  5. Hahahahahaha.

    Would love to know the show.
    The "james" character looked familiar.
  6. U must get some footage of what happens in your office :grin:
  7. I think he is referring the the british comedy show called "The Office"

    http://www.facets.org/Images/THE OFFICE.jpg

  8. LOL.. Gawd was I way off there :LOL:

    I dont watch TV so had no idea :oops:
  9. Haha no worries dude. It was just pure fluke i knew that though :p :p

    I had never seen it before but my sis got a DVD for chrissy. It is piss funny.
  10. Oh I see.. :wink: :)
  11. I kept expecting masturbating zombies.
  12. Looks like a Shawn.

    That clip was gold :LOL:
  13. Yeah and the chick is from black books. Some (famous) british comedians :)
  14. Yep reminded me of the office.......just so dead pan :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:
  15. ohh dear. the James guy looks very much like one o te clients i have to deal with....... shall have to be carefull of any paperwork from now on. :LOL: