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N/A | National No more traffic lights?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Grendel, May 16, 2012.

  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18072259

    What do you think? Could it work in Australia?

  2. Definitely an interesting concept. I think there are too many incompetent people on our roads though.
  3. At the very least I'd like to see some sort of 'common sense' rules applied to traffic lights in off-peak times. Seriously s***s me sitting at a red light at night when there's absolutely no need to.
  4. Many red arrows to turn right could go. It is stupid to make people wait for a light while there is no oncoming traffic and then make everyone stop to give the right turn a green light.

    Government want to reduce carbon emissions, common sense at traffic lights is a low hanging fruit to reduce pollution.
  5. Absolutely.

    I Think that traffic lights are still good during peak times, and trucks might need them during most of the day (because they are so large and slow) but turn the lights off during off-peak. This is how lights operate in Taiwan and how they worked in Aus when my parents were young. I'd like to see it brought back.
  6. The only problem with this article is logic and commom sense, once you introduce these two concepts to the governments and lawmakers there is no chance anything will change.
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  7. If you have two streams of trafic flowing perpendicular to each other with a 1 second gap between each vehicle, if it is timed right the traffic will flow with no need for anyone to stop and noone crashing.

    Obviously this is a long way off and not viable unless all cars are automatic but it makes about as much sense as this article.
  8. don't the septics have a flashing amber system at off peak times?
  9. On one hand, it sounds great. on the other, I think of the times I'm stuck behind some dope at a roundabout waiting for an enormous gap to enter because they don't have the confiudence to move into a merely safe gap without someone showing them a green light.

    I think there'd be a blockage of traffic as people waited for alrge gaps before turning. At least at peak times.
  10. with red-light running at epidemic levels, it's pretty obvious that a big proportion of drivers and riders treat traffic lights as irrelevant anyway
  11. The Brits do this and it works fine. If the green arrow is lit, you have right of way when turning. If it isn't but the main light is green you can turn when safe. There are (or were) no red arrows to prevent you from turning anywhere that I can remember.