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no more sr50 ditechs, BACK TO THE CARBS

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by furbypimp, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. oks well as i posted on previous thread im looking for a sr50 factory.
    well i went into city skoots today to cure some boardom and i asked about the sr50 factory..and to my disapointment i was told that there are no more new sr50 factorys with ditech..the new 2008 range will be released soon and they are going back to carby.
    how does this affect people?
    would people rather the fuel injected?
    or would people rather carby?
    other than that there is no change to the sr50 only the engine is now carby oh and it will be cheaper. as far as $1000 cheaper than previous factorys.
    now im not sure what i going to do..do i buy a new carby version or do i find a fuel injected version with low k's..
    also how do people rate the sr50 vs aerox..anyones opinions?
    hope to get a few responses

  2. A fuel injected, single cyclinder, two-stroke sounds like a lab experiment, to me. They probably exhausted the di technology path and improved or advanced their carby technology to the extent that someone said "what's the point of using di now?".

    Keep it simple, stupid. The carby is probably more reliable, cost effective, cheaper and easier to make for such a simple engine.