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No more showboating on Netrider rides.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. A few recent threads have got me thinking, when we have group Netrider rides, we do not know the experience of newbies, nor do we know their ability to use common sense. Please let me say, that on the majority of group rides I have been on, most Newbies have behaved in a responsible manner (I was one of the irresponsible ones :wink: ).

    One group ride I was on I was run into from behind by a learner R6 rider (not licenced for it) as I eased off to merge with traffic while entering a freeway, he went sliding down on his ass because he panicked and locked up the rear brake. Another time while riding around Albert Park Lake on a Netrider ride I witnessed a learner nearly collide into the riders ahead of him because he had accellerated faster than the conditions deamed safe and he panicked, again he had the rear brake locked up and had the bike sideways.

    I am not speaking for anyone else but on Netrider group rides, if there are riders along that I do not know, I will not behave in a manor that may hype them up and possibly make them ride above their own capability. This means~ no wheelies, no burn-outs, no stoppies, none removal of both hands from the bars at one time, no knee-down and no excessive speeding.

    BUT, if I am with riders that I know can control themselves, we are in a controlled environment (eg stunt/track day) or I am alone...... bring it on I say.

    I feel this not only for the safety of the rider that slips up but also for the other rider/s that they may collide with and the reputation of Netrider rides.

    There are no medals to be won by stunting in front of learners, so I say, let's not ride in a way that could encourage novices to ride over their heads.

    I know I have been one of the main culprits in the past but ..... I have seen the light (lol)
  2. someone take his temperature :shock:
  3. I'd settle to stop having the L platers always overtaking me on learner rides :rofl:

    Because its annoying that my reputation proceeds me
  4. No wheelies, no hands free riding?

    geez... what is this? My L plate test all over again?
  5. Ruin the rides before i even go on them, you guys are no fun.
  6. Why do think I am normally TEC or TEC's corner marker on NR rides?! :LOL: I'd rather come across the accident once it isn't in motion anymore than have it happen around me.
  7. And that is why I won't go on anymore Learner rides (or more specifically, Learner rides where I don't know a lot of the people's riding abilities).
  8. No more showboating?????

    oohhh man!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's smarteee fcuked. no more full throttle till the corner and then crawling upright through the turns :rofl:
  9. hehe couldn't mono, but i remember my first and only ride with other netriders... standing up,, humping the air yelling, hey eddie.. hwen we got to the servo, the words, hold on u moron, meant the same as, i'm nt angry, just disappointed.
  10. Then slap him silly! :p :LOL:

    Johnny you gotta get off those downers dude.......
  11. It's funny to watch me hypothetically "no hands riding" 'cause if I hypothetically did, the hypothetically scenario of me using my left arm to grab right arm by the wrist to lift onto handlebar/throttle OR I hypothetically use my left arm to bounce my right arm onto throttle whilst hypothetically simultaneously putting left arm on handlebar (on hypothetical left side of course!)

    That really would be funny to see.. if it ever happened :-k I think johnny-o should hypothetically PM me about such rides as I am fit/strong enough to at least ride with him, like the guy a lot and want to ride with him.. on bikes now, no funny business!

    And we could laugh about me hypothetically using left arm to help right arm back onto handle bars whilst moving left back onto handlebar. It hypothetically is done in an instant is therefore hypothetically safe to do when not in "normal" traffic conditions.. Anyone now have a headache from reading this? If so, *psst* I can sell ya some good pain killers matey :-w =P~ hehe, definitely no to that, I have morals with that and would never sell said pain killers for money... I did read through various research on the pain meds I'm on that on the black market, a certain type of pill I take (well 2, one 80mg, one 40mg) of 40 , 20 of each, every 9-10 days now, will sell for like $20 to $100 depending on quantity of active content.. Damn shady doctors and "patients" that have that scam, quite $$$..

    And on that note, I have realised after tonights "kobuffle", I can't sleep.. Too much umm anxiety, so, 4 mogadon (not the medicine I was talking about before. Have fun researching "hillbilly heroin) just eaten, see me sleeping before 1am now.. MAYBE before 12:30am, MAYBE..
  12. here waz, have a couple xanax too, i just did =P~ :rofl:

    i actually think mr O may have had some form of drug, he will come good in the morning :LOL:
  13. Johnny O..I know where you are coming from.

    Last weekend about 20 bikes rode out The Web, our local twisty. As TEC I was staying well behind those ahead of me. An unknown scooter came up behind me, traveling at one stage only 3 metres behind me. I did think this was a little close, so kept an eye on it.
    In a 100kph area, I slowed down 60kph for a bad intersection, one with stop signs that drivers ignore, and then accelerated back up to 100kph. There is a nice left right, next tipped it in left then back right, noticed a car coming, no drama, picked the bike up and down again, giving myself a bit more room.
    I then checked the rear vision mirror to see how the scoot was going, only to see it career off the road, into some wet grass, then the front wheel washes out and down it went.

    Went back and checked, he was ok, with the scoot a broken mirror.

    Today I had a chat with the scooter rider and we discussed the incident. He said he rides the road all the time, but normally doesn't travel at that speed, but seeing he had an opportunity to follow, thinking he might learn something, he increased his speed.

    I feel a little responsible, because I picked the rider was inexperienced by how close he was traveling, and wondered if he would try and keep up. However, at the time I thought, that it was not my responsibility, and that the rider needs to take responsibility for his riding.
  14. learner! R6! not licensed!

    :worthlesspics: :wink:
  15. GG,

    In the end it's the decision of the scooter rider. He should know his limits AND the limits of his bike.

    Scooters are not sportsbikes. There is a GOOD reason he hadnt gone that fast there before....
  16. :LOL: entertain me, Vic :popcorn:
  17. Oh come on Johnny where are all the wanna be's going to show off now?

    If this happens all the try hards will have to hang outside the local high school to show off their leet skillz and try to impress pimply faced 16 year olds...oh and thursday night mystery ride numbers will drop severely :p

  18. Really.......No......cant believe it.........now he has BUSA.

    "the worlds Fastest Goat-toucher"
  19. I can see what John's on about, but still...

    One of my fondest memories of an early Netride is of Johnny O the corner marker blasting past my Across at warp speed on the Benelli Triple, firing through a left-hander and disappearing. Looked and sounded fantastic!
  20. I don't think it works like that Johnny.

    Probably the key thing I think learners need to understand about group riding is that they should go at their own pace and never let somebody they don't know very well set the pace for them.

    Faster riders should bugger right off into the distance as far as I'm concerned, everyone should take responsibility for their own pace unless they're buddying up with a learner or playing TEC. You can't protect them from crashing, but you can help them realise there's nobody to rely on but themselves.

    As for hooligan behaviour, I dunno mate, I've had a lot of fun watching you and Andy and N*A*M and Pommyboy and plenty of other great riders ripping out huge wheelies and other shenanigans. It's great fun stuff, and fun is what it's all about. And if you pick your spots, you're not putting anyone in danger.
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