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No more riding for me.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Karaman, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. After much deliberation with friends and family ive decided to sell my bike as soon as i get a chance. I went for a ride today after fixing it, and though it was a great feeling to be on 2 wheels again i think its enough after 2 offs and a rather serious accident that my mate got into.

    Not sure whether to keep my gear or to sell it second hand, its all fairly new and barely used since i took my time fixing the bike after my second off. Maybe i should keep the gear for future use?

    So im planning on buying a new car....new being a different used car :p My price range is going to be anything below 15 grand. So im just wondering if anyone can send me some recommendations on what car to purchase. Right now i can think of two that would suit me: A mid 90's Toyota Celica and a 1990 Toyota MR2. Don't suggest a Skyline, they're great cars but i just dont fancy them.

    If you guys have any info on either one of those cars that would be great! Say if you've owned one or driven one.
  2. Both great cars, I own a 1981 celica and it is more comfy in the front and more powerful then a lot of new cars.

    Of the two you suggested, if you want performance, go either the mr2 or see if you can find the st185 (gt4 celica) both of which you can get for under $15k, and both great performance.
  3. Yeah ive heard good things about the 185, what about compared to the standard ST from '95 (four headlights)? MR2 has got the majority of my vote atm, just saw a picture of one with tanned leather seats :cool: :LOL: Might need to do that if i get one haha.
  4. Shame you're giving it up, but its hard to ignore warning signs!

    LOL. Yes true though, there are some 700cc french cars that might be beaten by it :p

    Seriously though, $15k will get you a twin turbo manual 300zx (import thought) in good nic, or a late model non turbo, non import.

    Or perhaps a nice 180/200sx

    Supras are nice too, and they are just begging to be modded.
  5. The st204, while a nice car, is designed for midgets. If you were planning on getting one, I suggest one without a sunroof (which takes a little bit more roof space out). I have 2 friends with them, and they are nice. Not as powerful as the 185, same engine but lacks a turbo. Also just because the 185 is turbo'ed doesnt mean its unreliable at all.

    If you want to get a fun car to replace your fun bike, get the mr2 or a 185. If you want a bit more of a daily that still has a bit of fun, get a 182 (non gt4 with popups) or a 204.

    Where do you live btw?

    I'm not quite sure, are you insulting my car, or are you insulting many modern gutless cars?
  6. Dude, you ride a Hyosung 250.

    This is like saying "Hey guys, I've decided to give up driving cars. I just don't think they're any fun. So I'm selling my Hyundai Excel tomorrow."

    If you 'give up riding' before getting your full license and at least test riding something 1000cc, I'll never forgive you!

    ... but if you have to buy a car, $15K will get you an absolutely EXCELLENT stock 180SX [the stock ones are more expensive coz some wog hasn't f&%$ed around with them] - and they are an ace car.

    Or a turbo MR2 is good, too.

    I say no to Celicas... front wheel drive, etc.
  7. :rofl:

    Just taking the piss for the most part mate :p
  8. instructor at my L's course told me something today. He said, "In 34 years I have never had an accident, and I've only had to do an emergency stop once"

    Not everything is signs and luck.

    heh not that i can talk im a fricken L plater noob.
  9. Guessing by what he said, hes had a couple of accidents, and now the chance of getting hurt is outweighing the fun that is riding.

    While a turbo mr2 would be good, the ADM ones were delivered only with the 3sge (in both standard and bathurst trim).

    And i was nudging at a st185 celica because it is 50/50 awd.

    I love my car :(
  10. 1990's 4wd turbo celicas are fantastic cars. A bit heavy and overgeared, but heavy in this case means well made. Those things are great quality and bullet proof...... except for the clutch which is expensive to change. They feel like a high quality sports car.

  11. Rally homologation does that to a car :p
  12. Awww :( Don't give up. It's just been a little bad luck. Just be more cautious and thank Jebus :grin:
  13. I still wanna get my open class, since i dont need a bike of my own to get the license hehe...i guess we'll see how my reaction is when i get on a bigger bike....no doubt my face will be :grin: but something i can have fun in and is useful everyday would help...not that a mr2 is as practical as a saloon :p

    Lowercase: If i keep riding will i be able to get that french toast recipe off ya? :p

    Mmm...i dont partically like the look of the 185, something about that black lip stick that gets to me :p Ill try and test drive one (hehe, was about to say test ride) if i can.
  14. We had one of the first FWD Celicas and they were a very nice, dare I say, drivers car. However, as I've never owned another FWD since... :)
  15. +1 Though as you say, not exactly quick.
  16. If you want to get a Toyota, Supra is the only way to go I'm afraid. Everything else is just transport.

    If that's what you want, then get a camry :)
  17. Oh don't get me wrong. There are good FWD cars.
    My car is a 2007 Mazda SP23. It's a friggin' awesome little car

    ... but it's FWD, and I don't think I'll ever buy a FWD car again.
  18. Your hyo is like herpes. Don't get rid of it. Try harder and have any car that you like. Life is too short.
  19. Fast cars are boring. :grin:

    For under $15,000k I'd get a straight Ford Escort.