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NSW No more rego stickers?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by A boy named Sue, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/abolish_labels/index.html

    Do I still need to register my vehicle?

    Yes. All vehicles operating on NSW roads must be registered.
    Why didn't I receive a registration sticker?

    From 1 January 2013, all light vehicles in NSW no longer need a registration sticker. If your vehicle registration is due from 1 January 2013, a sticker will not be issued as it is not required.
    What is a light vehicle?

    Light vehicles have a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) up to 4.5 tonnes. This generally includes: Cars, Motorcycles, Light trailers, Caravans, Light buses and Taxis.
    How do I know if my vehicle is a light vehicle?

    Your registration certificate shows the GVM of your vehicle in kilograms. If the GVM is 4500 or less, your vehicle is considered a light vehicle.
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  2. Dunno if this applies to anyone else here, but there is an exception to the "light vehicle" business with no rego label.

    If you have a bike or car registered in NSW as a historic vehicle, for reasons best known to the gods, that vehicle still needs to display its rego sticker.
  3. We have has no rego labels in sa for a while now. It works okay. Plus on bikes you dont have the problem of 'where to fit it so it doesnt look bad'. The problem with no rego labels is noone told the victorian police apparently and a couple of highway cops proceeded to book sa riders going to phillip island for not having displayed a rego sticker. But thats okay wouldnt expect much more from mexicans
  4. I'm printing out this web-page and leaving it on my Bike + In my Car :)
  5. hmmm, just in time too, my rego sticker with its holder fell off somewhere on the Putty last week :ROFLMAO:
  6. I wonder if the penalty for driving an unregistered vehicle has changed.
  7. I have commercial rego for my work car.Its a lot more expensive than std rego and allows me to park in loading zones and write off expenses .It used to be marked on the sticker.I wounder what happens now.I doubt parking cops have access to the data base.Bet me to it Cazy Cam,got the letter about Historic Plates,I think the proper cops as apposed to Parking Cops might not have THAT data base in there system either.
  8. Everyone has access to the database its on the rta/rms website.
  9. So you reckon the council parking inspector looks at my Mazda Tribute and can tell its got commercial rego with no indication on the vehicle and has access to a secure data base,names and addresses and for no reason he checks it to save me a fine for parking in a loading zone.The Historic plate scheme is run out of The Lismore RTA office,my one at this time encounter with a Hwy Patrol Cop resulted in blank looks and no radio activity.I am sure with some effort he could have got it,don't know about on a weekend if there office is closed.My standard RTA office was charging me twice what I should have been paying and it took a stupid amount of work to sort that,with more Historic plates about this might change but my experience is lots of blank looks.BTW Historic rego isn't a get out of jail free card.Behave like a dick head and nothing will save you and the club you are in might get some grief.We get the same rego notice in the mail so I am guessing why we need to keep the rego sticker.Be nice to know why for future reference.
  10. they are just doing this to save themselves money and give themselves more chances to make money through people accidently driving an unrego'd car with out realising.
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  11. You can't legally park Mazda Tribute in a loading zone, even if you have business rego.

    From RMS web site :

    Rules for using loading zones

    Under NSW Road Rule No. 179 a driver must not stop in a loading zone unless the driver is driving:
    1. a public bus that is dropping off or picking up passengers; or
    2. a truck that is dropping off or picking up goods.
      A public bus is a vehicle that can seat more than 8 adults and is used commercially. This does not include private people-mover type vehicles.
      The above Rule also allows a driver of a vehicle to stop in a loading zone:
    3. When dropping off or picking up passengers.
    4. If the vehicle is a station wagon or 3-wheeled bike that has been built to carry goods.These vehicles can park up to 15 minutes while the driver drops off or picks up goods.
    5. If the vehicle has been built to carry goods. These vehicles, generally trucks, can park up to 30 minutes while the driver drops off or picks up goods.
    These rules and time limits also apply to tradesperson’s vehicles that satisfy loading zone criteria.
    What is a station wagon?

    A station wagon is a vehicle having all of the following features.
    1. Has a sedan equivalent. That is, the body forward of the front seat or seats and the greater part of the mechanical equipment, is the same or substantially the same as in a car of the same make and
    2. Has a flat roof extending at the same height to the rear of the vehicle. That is, the body is carried without significant reduction in height from the front seat or seats to the rearof the vehicle and
    3. Has an entrance at the rear suitable for the loading and unloading goods and
    4. Is manufactured with a rear seat or seats which can be folded or removed readily to provide additional floor space for the carriage of goods and
    5. That when the seat or seats immediately to the rear of the front seat or seats are in position for passengers, has a substantial space for the carriage of goods in proportion to the overall size of the interior of the vehicle.

    The majority of 4WD vehicles, hatchbacks and other coupé and sports type vehicles are not defined as station wagons under NSW Regulations.
    These vehicles are not principally designed and constructed for carrying goods and therefore, they are excluded from parking in loading zones.
  12. Tributes dont have a sadan eqivalent,but everything else qualifiys for the 15minute
    section.I am so ashamed I have and will continue to flout this loophole.Thankfuly I dont do much in the CBD these days.
  13. ^ Hey Zim, EVERYONE does it, it's a rule that belongs in another era....
  14. I'm pretty sure (well almost certain) that in SA anyone can park in a loading zone for up to 10 minutes (must be loading or unloading though), and commercial vehicles (utes, vans, trucks) can park for 30 minutes. I use them regularly in a 4WD.
  15. If that were true why would they change the rule to allow people leave stickers on? If they wanted to catch more people they would keep that illegal, lots of people will just leave the 2012 one on.
  16. Okay so you walk out to your car to check your rego sticker for the expiry. I usually check the renewal paperwork that the rego department sends out
  17. Yes clearly this is not a revenue raising exercise because your allowed to leave your current sticker on. Yes that will help remind you....until a year later :\

    How is anyone supposed to check if a car is rego? what use some online database? great, that will take a good 15 mins at least. (bust out phone, navigate to webpage, load, load, load, enter rego and other details, load load load, registered) this is significantly more inconvenient than a sticker. Just like in WA, people being caught unrego'd will increase markedly. I heard it was like 200% year on year.

    The over digitalisation of our world will be our undoing.
  18. Don't think it is revenue related, it's just going to become a by-product. Reality is when pulled over roadside cops will know if vehicle is registered before they get out of car and so the sticker is pointless from a political/governmental point of view. Only exception to that is rbt where they dint really have the power to check each vehicle without anpr. From a pubic perspective it reduces hassle in one area and increases it significantly in another - taking Rego receipts to prospective sales etc.
  19. so it's like an ingrown hair after shaving?
  20. You still get al the same paperwork that you would need to sell the vehicle. Nothing changes just no sticker