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No more pay at the pump at Mobil?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rjbsmith, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Went to fill up at Mobil Artarmon this morning and came across the following sticker above the terminal on the pump:

    I looked around and this sticker was on every pump.

    Has anyone else come across these stickers?
  2. that makes no sense :-s

    isn't it easier FOR THEM also for you to pay at the pump?
  3. 7/11 bought all the Mobils, maybe something to do with it
  4. weird.....................................
  5. It doesnt bother me. The Mobil where i sometimes fill up, their pay at the pump has never worked since they day they installed it anyway.
  6. I'm sure that's it.

    The margin on petrol is pretty tiny. They want to get you into the store to buy overpriced groceries and candy.
  7. As Helloyo points out, it makes sense because petrol stations these days are about encouraging in store impulse buys.

    Pay at the pump has been steadily disappearing. Not that is bothers me. I tend to pay cash anyway. Help me get rid of change.
  8. Damn nuisance. It solved the helmet problem, but more importantly I didn't have to stand in line for 15 minutes while a single attendant with language challenges tries to upsell to the 10 people in front of me, most of whom have discount cards and defective credit cards that cannot be processed.
  9. I've rather missed the luxury of pay-at-the-pump since moving away from Melbourne.

    Good to see the rest of you will finally have to join in my pay-at-the-pump-less suffering. :angel:
  10. yeah as mentioned i'm sure its there to get you into the store.

    Its a shame because i was hoping that that new "tap and go" system for purchases under a $100 would replace it. Now that would be sensational.
  11. I go to mobil servos entirely because of their pay at the pump feature.

    Shits me when I go to one of their servos with the equipment set up, but not on - giving the message 'cannot pay here now, pay inside' or whatever. In such cases I dont take my helmet off and if queried suggest if they had their equipment working I wouldn't have to come inside at all.

    What is FAR more annoying though, is the disappearance of regular 91 from almost all servos. Only place that sells regular 91 near me is a 711. The mobil and caltex only have 91 with ethanol. Very frustrating as I only have 6L tank on my commuter, so the loss of range is very noticeable when running ethanol.
  12. 91 RON is being phased out in NSW.

    So, 95RON and 98RON will continue to be available, but if you currently use 91RON you will have to either put E10 or 95RON in your vehicle.
  13. Weird. In the last few months, my two local servos just reintroduced 91 in place of 95. I love it.
  14. I suppose the good news for some of us is that E10 is ~95 octane. I use it in the Tiger from time to time. (I should do a more rigorous and scientific study on relative fuel consumption for E10 vs 95 vs 98 in the big cat. It doesn't "seem" to cost me fuel range/consumption, but I've not tracked it precisely.)

    What annoys me most is the petrol stations which sell "up to 10% ethanol" in the regular ULP. "up to" isn't good enough when you need 95 octane, and isn't really any good if your vehicle can't handle ethanol fuels either. [-(
  15. Yup. They're losing my business as soon as that switch happens.
  16. Thanks Chrome. The 711 near me has some pumps of 91 and some 91 with ethanol.. so not sure whats happening there.

    Seems like a bad idea to me, purely on my calculations that I get about 90-92% of the range on ethanol instead of regular. May as well not have it at all... I've only got 12hp on my 125 and i resent losing any of them to not having a choice in fuel.

    Obviously I can go up to 95 if I can't use 91 + ethanol, but I shouldn't be forced into that situation when its a waste.. Although you can bet fuel providers are happy with the legislation, alot more people using 95.
  17. I have a regular rotation of petrol stations in my commute. One is an ampol (maybe mobil). It used to be 95 E10. Didn't mind the odd tank (like you I need the 95).

    One day I rock up and see the e10 is no longer 95. They now have 91ULP, 91E10 and 98. I ask the attendant and he tells me it's been that way for a few months. Though I am sure the pump label has only just changed.

    I though the 'tona was feeling a bit flat sometimes. Didn't notice in pinging however.
  18. e10 91 isn't 95RON, it's 93.6. if it's mixed properly. but anyway, those 26 extra points are, IMO, offset by less distance per tank, hygroscopic fuel (bad idea in itself) and the fact that ethanol eats rubber (not everyone can afford an EFI bike)