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No more lurking, had to join so I could send a PM!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by QQQ, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Hi to all,

    Name's Rob and from Brisbane. Riding a lightly modded Speed Triple at the minute and after seing CamKawa is selling a back protector that I want I find that I have to post 7 times just so i can PM him/her!! This is post number 1.

    Of course if someone wanted to let him know i wanted to buy his protector and told him to contact me that wouldn't be a bad thing either :grin:

  2. Um no it doesn't work that way
    you will end up having posts deleted so be a member not a number.
  3. I PM'd him for you QQQ, but stay around and contribute don't be shy. ;)
  4. PM sent.
  5. :shock: I doesn't :? :?
    I was told I'd have to rack up 3000 posts before I was permitted to take the piss out of PP. I think I've been HAD :p
  6. Vinnie you are just a post whore, admit it. :p

  7. taking the piss out of PP is 10 posts
    Taking the piss out of me is first post
    Taking the piss out of hornet is just thinking about it :p
  8. "No more lurking, had to join so I could send a PM!!"

    I am in almost the same boat. I joined but have been sitting on 1 post for a while. Hopefully this is number 7 otherwise I'll be back asking others to PM for me. :)