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No more L's!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BlueRex, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Just passed my P's so no more stupid plates on the back of my bike, woot!

    The P's test is so much easier than the L's
  2. congrats snowball :D enjoy the freedom and the learning!!!!
  3. Its not freedom yet, But good work with the P's, take it easy out there.
  4. Congrats, now the learning gets really serious. Stay safe
  5. G'day everyone,.......

    Congratulations snowball,...
    As has been said,....the learning continues........
    (Insert scary music here!!)
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?
  6. Congrats.

    Now go drag a Commodore!
  7. Yep me too, we both did them today at HART... funny that we both did our L's at HART too at the same time. The P's test is so much easier then the L's.

    I think the guy who failed the first time failed again.
  8. Congrats Snowball, stay donut side down, ok
    thus begineth the lesson :grin:
  9. I'll be doing my P at H.A.R.T in a couple of months, any hints?
  10. Congrates on the passing of the Ps.....Stay safe and remember to not let ur guard down, even though U aren't a L anymore.... :wink:

    Continue to learn and live....... :wink:
  11. The actual test is very easy and you wont need to learn much to pass if you ride often.

    The day it self is rather fun; they put together a course that does slow riding, cornering, corner breaking and emergency swerving and breaking.

    It's a great day, as long as it isn't hot. My face is and nose are very burnt.

    The only advice for the exam is keep your speed up, you can go to slow (and fail) but if you go faster then advised the lights will adjust to your speed.
  12. As Roscoe said..don't go slow! also remember the sun block if it is a sunny day :) my nose is also burnt