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No more L's Yay!! passed my test today

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by bigjugs, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Greetings Fellow Netriders,

    Passed my ride test today at HART Kilsyth, so I no longer have to hang the yellow L plate at the back :)

    Still can only ride restricted, zero BAC, no pillion rider for another 12 months. But do get access to my full demerit points instead of the five under a L plate. Me not complaining.

    Did the full day training and then the ride test, highly recommended. Mark at HART was very helpful in giving tips and accessing everyone's riding style and correcting it.

    It was wet & windy most of the day which made it interesting.

    Can't wait for my V&H cruzers to turn up so that I can celebrate with some noise.

    Have done about 3000kms on my XVS650 in the past 3 months, can't wait for Summer......

    Happy Riding.

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  2. Congratulations mateee :)

    Im going for my Ps within the next few weeks woo hahaha wont have the L on it either.

    I did 6500kms in 3 months (ride everyday cause i love it) hahaha

    congratulations again
  3. Thanks John. Good Luck with you P's, 6.5k in 3 months wow, that's a lot. keep it up.
  4. hey congrats on the promotion :) have you seen the posted ride for sunday to lorne?
  5. Well done!
  6. Nice bike
    I snuk at look at ya profile pic
    Shes in nice nic and yeah v & h
    Will be sweet as
  7. Hey Bigjugs.. did you do the test on your bike or one of theirs? interested to know if you suggest doing it on your own bike or on something thats different size and shape..

    Oh .. and Congrats!! :)
  8. Congratulations, good for you. I've still got another month or so of L plates, I'll be doing mine at HART Kilsyth too, same place I did my L's.
  9. Congratulations!! I can't wait to get rid of the yellow plates as well.
    Hopefully I'll be posting the same post in a few months, but I got mine at DECA in Carrum, and they were pretty good.
    Any advice on what you were tested on?
  10. same sick of the yellow L....i get abused because i have them..well i reckon its cause of the L plate they think im new :( hahaha

    going for Ps in a few weeks
  11. I would say abuse them back! But after the road rage incident I saw you had maybe not :/
    I keep on teasing my partner saying I'll bring a chain on the bike (as I have a trolley pole in the car) but she doesn't find it very amusing.
  12. G'day Portagrug,

    I gave the test on their bikes, they are Honda 250's, these are very easy bikes to ride. You get enough practice prior to the test if you go for the full day training and test session.

    What amazes me is that you can give the ride test on a scooter which has no gears and still ride a geared bike on the road.
  13. I can go for mine at the end of this month. I have the exact same bike as you bigjugs as we've established before so I think I too will use the little 250's. I was thinking of doing that anyway.

    Also, your bike will look awesome with your Cruzers on it. Trust me.. I KNOW ;)

    P.S. I've also put a Baron Star Bar and Kuryakyn ISO grips on mine and I'd recommend investing in the grips. Bar optional.
  14. Congrats on the licence. Nice bike too, looks very familiar :)
  15. Xvs650 & vance and Hines = sweet music
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  16. Congrats on the promotion feels great doesnt it nice bike too
  17. Lol i understand the L plate thing
    It ruins the bike.
    I was on mine 4 about 6 weeks
    Then went n did the test just to
    Get rid of the plate.
    Luckily i passed.
  18. I have been on my L's for a while now but only got my bike a week or so ago, I have noticed even if your going the speed limit or a little over, Everyone HAS to pass the learner, no matter what the risk or speed. Its crazyness
  19. I dont know how much truth there is in this statement, I am to believe the scooter test will give you limited license, not geared bike...
    Someone correct me if I am wrong, cause that's what was told at HART when I enquired, a few years back, would be like letting a young kid that learnt in a Camry auto and let loose in a 'fully sik bommodore with slick 5 stick'

    I could be wrong..
  20. Congrats mate (y) I know the feeling, got my p's a few weeks back too!

    On my commutes home when I had my L's, I found if I wanted to keep up with everyone I'd have to had been doing roughly 120. Now with a red P strapped on the back, everyone seems to be driving around the limit, weird....