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No more license restrictions for me

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Iffracem, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. After years of not riding, and letting my old interstate license lapse, I got my learners for the second time late last year.
    Didn't get the Across till early this year, did the P's last month, did an Advanced riders course early this month (thoroughly recommended). Wrote a letter to the man at the licensing section.

    Today I got a letter back saying thank you vey much, you can go and pick up a new unrestricted license whenever you like :LOL:

    Credit must (reluctantly) go to the Tas Govt for showing common sense. Soon they'll introduce the LAM's bikes, and then the system down here will be close to spot on IMHO. Police still use discretion, not many speed cameras, licensing laws that are geared to ensure skill and knowledge, not just punitive, knee jerk restrictions. Sure we'll cop the Front number plate as that's an Oz wide thing, but you can't have everything :wink:

  2. Great news. Now go out and buy a VTR Firestorm before they change their minds
  3. Lucky son of a.... never mind!

    Can't wait to take a week off and come riding in Tassie - might leave it until summer tho, as I hear it gets a little cold and wet over winter. :p
  4. Ahhh wish I could... don't I just wish I could :cry: :cry: QD on the other forum of course goes and does just that to make me more jealous :evil:

    Sadly, I haven't the finances, too many medical bills (wife has cancer), and thanks to little Johny the two faced f@#king wanker, my private insurance just went up by 30%, medicare safety net just got raped, council rates just went up etc etc etc.

    Looks like I'll be buying a basket case and sloooooowly restoring it.

    ahh well, at least I got a full license :p

  5. Bahhh!! wooses don't ride in the cold and wet!

    I ride every day, wind rain or shine. I gotta, cos the bus costs $100 fortnight, and the missus needs the car.

    Come on down Tenoq, I'll join you for a bike ride ... or three, or four :D