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No more L Plate!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jimmy_g, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. Just got back from getting my bike licence!

    Did the morning at Stay Upright at Geelong. Very easy to pass, but regular practice has helped a lot!

    No more big ugly L plate ruining the look of my bike ;) 8-[ hahahah.

    Now for the count down until Im off of LAMS. Sweeto!
  2. you dont have to display a p plate?

    i have to.... for another 2 years..
  3. Nope, no P plate. Have a full car licence so straight on to a full, but restricted (LAMS) bike licence.
  4. did you do what I did and bring along a hammer to smash it to bits?
  5. Awesome, congrats..

    I still gotta wear my L's for another 2 months, counting the days till I can do the test...
  6. Thinking maybe a ritualistic burning is in order...
  7. Oh a big high 5 to you!

    Good for you, enjoy!
  8. Great! Can you tell me what you did in the test?
  9. Test was easy as pie and took less than 5 mins!
    first up - left then right sweeping turn, idea is to go as fast as you feel comfortable.
    secondly - swerve left/right or emergancy stop at random as dictated by a light box. i got one of each, but you might get 2 of the same as it is random.
  10. Congratulations!!!
  11. Technically it's a counter-steer, not a swerve. :p
  12. so i take it the vic laws are different to nsw laws :(

    in nsw, you must be over 25, hold an unrestricted driver licence and have been on P1 for 12months to get exempt from P2

    which means a total LAMS restriction of minimum 15months.

  13. Wow that's harsh. You should move to Victoria :p

    Thanks for the info Jimmy. Doesn't sound too complicated.
  14. Surely you meant 13 months? You can get a P1 license after 3 months on Ls.
  15. After about the third time other drivers refused to drive behind me and dangerously overtook while i was displaying L's i decided to stop riding with them.
  16. Yeah that sucks, you will be cruising along in a 60 zone doing 60 (or maybe just a tad over 8-[) and the dicks just seem to go into a blood frenzy and overtake no matter what is going on around them.

    If cops wanna catch speeders jump on an unmarked bike and thow an "L" plate on in.

    anyway i got my green P's last week and sucks to be on them for a futher 2 years but as of right now im just going to work and back since i can't find any other riders to hook up with in wagga](*,)