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no more l plate or circus vest

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dedmn80, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. Yay finally got around to getting off the L plate and lost my circus vest. Was worried to start off as they were expecting rain and hail this afternoon but the 2 wheel gods were watching over me and it was clear all day. Got 14 points and a massive congratulations from Mark and Paul at H.A.R.T as it was the score of the day. So very happy with the outcome and a huge let down as was thinking it was going to be harder.

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  2. Well done mate, glad the weather held off for you.
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  3. Cheers mate gotto admit that after the passed few days i am not used to being dry lol
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  4. Congratz. :)

    Did you feel like the circus vest gave you any protection at all?
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  5. Congrats! For a moment I was wondering whether I was breaking the rules by not wearing a vest, but seems to be a Victorian thing...
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  6. Congratulations! You will find riding much more enjoyable now.
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  7. Well done mate :finger::finger:
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  8. Awesome! Well done dedmn80
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  9. Hey dedmn80dedmn80, congratulations! Sooo, "Looser" plate is gone together with fluoro circus vest! Glad to hear you found the test easy and got such terrific score. Awesome job :)
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  10. Definitely gave me a lot of protection from the bugs and kept the leathers clean lol. Oh well more cleaning to do from now on
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  11. Well done and be glad rather than let down that it was easier than you thought dedmn80dedmn80
    Just means you were well prepared for the test! :) congrats on ditchin the fluoro stitches
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  12. From another newly minted rider, congrats! Isn't it a great feeling? You only beat me by 3 points. :p Oh, and I burned my vest!
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  13. Congrats mate for smashin through the test!
  14. Hehe, I love the Circus Vest name! Alas I only got mine on Sunday, so I'll pay my dues, wearing (as I call it) the Yellow Vest of Shame.

    So did you do a fair bit of riding to help you ace the course? Well done
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