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No more L plate for me :-)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pwbike, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Did my half day course and test this morning at HART Kilsyth, passed and now don't have to have a L plae or P plate. Both times I've gone there it has rained. There was even lightning at one stage.

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  2. Good doogs digger.
  3. Conga-rats! Must be nice to be rid of that ugly bit of plastic :)
  4. Nice one pwbike, congratulations. Time to start thinking about whats next :)
  5. (y)

    Congrats. I did my learners permit from there last year!
  6. Awesome. Freedom!
  7. Good one pw. You shouldn't be such a target now.
  8. Well done.
  9. Yay! Congrats! I hope you have a ball on the roads.
  10. Congratulations PW.
  11. Thanks, I've already been thinking about what to get next, so many choices
  12. Great result OP....

    Well done (y)
  13. Grats mate well done! Just noticed your location is Boronia, we should meet up and ride in for Saturday practice some time
  14. Either that or get a huckleburger from the local takeaway ;-)
  15. nah, they taste like crap, you would be better off going to the chew n spew around the corner
  16. There is a bit of a story where the name came from, if you have ever seen the Seinfeld episode 'The Chinese Restaurant' I had a similar thing happen to me, but he wasnt calling out 'Cartwright' he was calling out 'Huckleburger'. How this guy confused my surname with Huckleburger has got me buggered
  17. The fish and chip shop near Barry Plant real estate make excellent burgers, but they're not called Huckle. Their fish and chips are great too.
  18. Congrats PW.. I guess that just leaves me for the learners taste of the high country. :)
  19. The fish shop next to Stallions in Dorset Square, i forget what its called, make awesome burgers, and great souv's.. sadly no huckles
  20. Stallions?????