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No more friendly toots hello in NSW

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/fined-253-for-a-friendly-beep/story-e6freuy9-1225844644543

    I mean seriously how much are the police attempting to make us lose total respect for them, i am starting to look at them more as tax collectors than law enforcement every day.
    A sad state of affairs to a organization i have always endeavoured to respect

  2. Next they will fine him for having his arm hanging out the window, as per photo in link....
  3. I just saw this on Sunrise. Apparently the cop pulled him over just to give him a warning about it and the guy went off and called the cop a wanker.

    Attitude test = fail.
  4. I have been fined for that
  5. Thats northern beaches cops for you. Will pull you over for something minor and if you dont bow down to them they'll slap with whatever they can.

    Bunch of fking wankers who apparently dont have anything better to do.
  6. What regulation did they get infringed for?
  7. Hmmm, no more calling cops "wanker" now? Even worse... :(
  8. using your horn in this manner has been an offense since traffic offenses were invented.

    Personally I think more people should be fined for it. One of my personal annoyances is the one of the neighbours mates tooting "goodbuy" or "hello I'm out the front".

    It's a selfish invasion of other peoples space.

    My "father in law" does it and it pisses me off that it affects my neighbors.

    I'm with the cop on this one. Come and book my father in law, because he ignored me when I mentioned it.
  9. Thats the annoying part. Although calling the cops wankers isnt the best idea, he was probably correct.

    If you stop someone for this offence and then expect the driver to feel ingratiated towards you for sparing him from a fine, then yes, you are a manipulative wanker.
  10. Actually if I was pulled over and spared a fine I would be greatful. And I'd keep my trap shut, therefore passing the attitude test.
    The driver was the wanker if anyone. Mr Plod was just doing his job.
  11. Im with you Tramp on this one. I keep my trap shut, usually results in a talking too.
    But I have had mates that like to argue with the cops, And then wonder why they get tickets and I dont,
    Speaks for itself,
  12. +1
    You have to be a mindless drone (not be able to think outside the square) to actually pull someone over for this (all things being reasonable). Either that or have a severe case of little man syndrome on a power trip.
  13. Then tell me, do you believe the officer thought it was of vital importance in the interest of public safety to stop this man, OR, did the officer want to stop the man with the intention of manipulating him into feeling ingratiated towards the officer?

    Maybe he should have stayed quiet, but thats blaming him for stating the obvious about the officer.
  14. Nonsensical argument.
    Const Plod saw a person breaking the law, and on my reading pulled him over to WARN him. This if anything showed a reasonable attitude on the part of Const Plod.
    The driver then gave Const Plod a mouthful, which resulted in a ticket.
    No problem so far. Remember it was the drivers actions that resulted in the ticket.
    I very much doubt that Const Plod would have "want to stop the man with the intention of manipulating him into feeling ingratiated towards the officer".
    That argument is just beyond the bounds of reasonableness, and its's inferring a state of mind that we have absolutely no basis for believing was present on the part of the officer.

    OK for those people who seem to be missing the lesson herein.
    (i) When pulled over for ANYTHING, give name and address when asked.
    (ii) Admit NOTHING.
    (iii) Say NOTHING but hello and goodbye.
  15. The officer did his job, understandable...but I am sure a friendly hooting of the horn shouldn't be picked on. Fine the person who was honking their horn early in the morning to pick someone up...tell them to get off their ass and ring the person's door bell. Go pick on the person driving a vehicle without brake lights working and people changing lanes without indicating. I guess the Law and common sense don't go hand in hand.
  16. I was listening to this on the radio. The copper said he was going to just caution him but since being called a wanker decided otherwise.
  17. <RANT>
    Talking of annoyances what's the go with people driving around with their fog lights on...

    Shits me

  18. Well he is one.

    $253 fine would be worth calling the cop a wanker for.

    And if using your horn is such a crime, why don't they come and fine a couple of my brother's friends who sit out the front honking for him to come outside.

    Then while they're at it they can actually do their job and go across the road and arrest some street racers, who are actually putting lives at risk.
  19. He didn't get the fine until he called the cop a wanker...
  20. Yes I know. But it would have been worth getting the fine for the horn after calling him that.

    Sorry, didn't put that "$253 fine would be worth calling the cop a wanker for." sentence right. It would be worth the tooting fine just to get to call that cop a wanker, is what I'm trying to say.