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No More Chicken Strips!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MV, Nov 16, 2012.

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  2. There aren't a lot of people on this earth that I truly hate, but he's one of 'em.
  3. If a Ducati causes the death of Bieber I will from that point on refrain from ever making a derogatory comment about the brand. :)
  4. I'm just upset he's got a better bike than me. Of course, I can sort of ride mine. Sometimes.
  5. I don't get your comment. How can you honestly sit there and say you hate a person without ever speaking a word to them? Bit jelly are we?
  6. You're pretty argumentative today Cazzo, couldn't get to the cafe? Ducati broken down again?
  7. Has nothing to do with jealousy. I've had the unfortunate experience of reading enough interviews with him to conclude that he's a complete moron, and tries to dictate morals and behaviours to other people. People like that are scum and can jump up their own asses.
  8. Yes MV, what ever floats ya boat.

    So let me get this straight. You've read how many intervies about Beiber? Why the hell would you continue to read them if you hate him so much? Who forced you to read them?
  9. Jeebus Cazz. Chill.
  10. I actually thought it said "no more chicken salad". I got pretty concerned. I live on chicken salad
  11. Cos bieber is a little biatch
  12. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  13. The game of being a douche-y squid?

    Your username could be some kind of premonition. Hopefully.
  14. I want the Popcorn emoticon back!

    Bieber squid with a Latte chaser please.......

    Have at it fellas.......
  15. I work with primary school kids at my local public school, trust me the future generation of girls is being brainwashed into liking bikes and thinking they are boss. They fcuking love this guy and will flock to anything he does, so trust me this is only a great thing for bikes, especially as he is showing it off all over the place.

    But yeah get a leather jacket mate, and learn to ride.

  16. Except that in a few years time, those same girls will hate bieber and be totally embarrassed that they 'eva' liked him. So they will also then think that anyone who rides will also be a big dorky dork.

    Well maybe not, but you get the idea.
  17. Nothing wrong with his attire or his bike.
  18. it extends from the kindergarten kids to the year sixers to the girls i work with...
  19. The last lime I cared as little as this was when I was asked if I wanted my coke in a can or a glass.
    I don't follow the teen mags so can any of the fans please fill me in on who this is and why them riding is so super cool?
  20. Poor kid. 18 year old millionaire with an awesome bike and a bajillion screaming girls who want his babies. Life's hard.

    Although, when he was in Melbourne he stayed next door to work. The million screaming girls were starting to get a bit annoying after a few hours. Especially when they all decided to chase his car up Chapel Street... but that meant a stampede of 'tweenage beliebers' chasing every poor yuppy that drove by in a black 4x4. The kids at work were quite enterprising too. A few of them stood down at the back fence handing out their phone numbers saying, 'If Justin doesn't call, I'm available'. ;)