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No more 250, its Thou time ;)

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Pom80y, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Well, after a week of debating I picked up my new steed yesterday.

    Absolutely amazed by the low down grunt of this thing, compared to my CBR250. It just seems that I dont need to change gear at all, any revs any time, always going faster ;)

    Its an 04 SV1000S with some nice n shiny yoshis on the back!

    Still getting used to the height of it (Im only 5'6") and can just tippy toe it around but growing more and more confident everytime I get on.
    Anyway, here are some pics...




  2. Nice one, congrats on the new bike mate
  3. that's a sweet looking bike, congrats!
  4. Nice one mate.
    If your parking it down that drive I would be using some roundup on those pavers.
    A little rain, a cold hard tyre and grass don't mix.
  5. Enjoy the new bike mate and congrats :)
  6. oggy nobs needed!

    congrats on the bike :D absolutely beautiful
  7. OI CHEF

    Your new engine has arrived. Just wait for the highside.
  8. Bwahahahahahaha........you bastard.

    I forgot how pretty those things are before I get hold of them.

    [EDIT] oh, and the buggers don't highside easily but they love to lowside. Mind you compression locking downhill is still up for grabs ;)
  9. Congrats on the new bike, what a jump from 250cc to a litre bike, becareful!
    Sweet looking bike, not too naked and not too fairingy(I know, I know, weird way of saying it)
  10. make sure you get a WOT ride by posted up soon.
  11. Have I missed something..?
  12. Yes sir you sure have. Once you get past the short shifting and move onto getting the twin Yoshis to singing and all will be revealed.
  13. I look forward to it...
  14. Awesome 250-Liter story!

    I am counting down the days untill i upgrade from my CBR250 to a Liter bike.....so painfully slow (both the bike and the wait lol)

    Congrats dude, enjoy and stay upright.
  15. Looks cool man! Good choice!
  16. SV's are a good looking bike. Love the twin yoshys too. Thou's and up are just so nice when it comes to not having to flog it to get to speed.
  17. Congratulations, one of the best known all rounder bikes. V twins with yoshi's sound good, my friend has the sv650.
  18. Thats a smexy bike. How did you go adjusting to the power from the 250?
  19. Adjusted well now. At first i avoided full throttle and also high rpm in low gears.

    The torque surge is incredible, nothing like my mates GSXR750 which needs the revs, this thing just Pulls. Even at 3k in 6th it still pulls hard.

    Which is exactly what I wanted i love the seat, being a little more upright but not too straight. And I also love being followed round everywhere by yoshi gunfire ;)
  20. nice one mate