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no money for track day,, but old rd day..

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by lionjk84, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. I love dainese...


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  2. I love kawasaki too...

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  3. I like the cut of your jib good sir

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  4. What the hell's a jib?

    Very nice bike you got there ;)
  5. 'Ha ha ha; give this man a promotion!'
  6. thanks!
    dainese is way to go!!
  7. I really wanted orange one,,
    what is your 636 colour of choice?
  8. Ninjas...UNITE! Nice bike you got there....kekeke.....

    I like the blue better :D
  9. ahh the weekend warrior! I'd suggest lessons urgently for you old mate... your toes dragging are telling you Danger!! Danger Will Robinson!!!
  10. Whoever that is - stay on your side of the road you twonk!
  11. Sweetie, I could be wrong but they look like OEM footsie pegs.....

    ........personally sugarplum that's not the dangle this little biscuit would want.
  12. rattus check the pic from behind showing his right foot and it's posi on the peg.

    I think even with rear sets he would still drag his toe because of how far forward he has his feet on the peg.. I'm not sure about you mate but if I'm going to tip it over I always set up so my pegs (or if by some miracle I get good enough) my engine covers will scrap b4 my toes ever do
  13. Sweetie that's exactly what I'm saying, strange as it may seem we concur...............
  14. That day was first day out riding with my suits, my mates keep tellin me to keep my knee out more,, didnt realise about my toes,,
    Thanks for spottin my bad habbit!!
  15. Oopsy,, i was bit tipsy ](*,),,
  16. Your suit won't have broken in yet. Each time you take it out it'll be more natural to move around and throw the knee out.
  17. Hope next weekend is sunny!
    fingers crossed!
  18. I think it's great you've taken this feedback on in a good way even with my smartarse dig re: W/E warrior.

    Once you see yourself in pics you begin to see what you need to work on to progress forward. My only concern is that you're doing this on the road in an environment that will not easily forgive mistakes.

    I know TD's are expensive mate but I'd bet my house you truly won't know your bike until you do track days.

    Lastly, people who tell you to get your knee out more but miss blatant things like feet sticking out are not the type of people you want to take advice from fella.

    All the best though mate, I'm sure you'll be a totally different rider once you've done some reading.
  19. +1 Sweetie wonderfully sage advice, if you want to explore your potential this is not the correct environ......