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No mid-range, like a rideon tractor

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Paulie, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. Hey All!

    Yet another issue with the Gpx250, This mornin I decided to clean her and give her a coat of polish, so after making her all shiny I decide to take it for a little spin (see if its more aerodynamic now), so I get about 500metres down the road and she is going great then all of a sudden the power just died down, kinda like when you,re about to run outta petrol and the revs drop down, petrol in the tank is fine though, I checked to make sure theres no obstructions in the fuel lines, it stops and starts fine without misfiring and it idles normallly but as soon as you rev it to about 4-5,000 revs it sounds like a tractor and it won't accelerate!

    Totally stumped as to what is wrong with her! I dont think its water in the plugs cause its smooth just until 4,000rpms

    Any ideas>?
  2. I know what it was if it was an Across....

    But perhapd GPX could have thesame problem...
    In the Across the niddle in the carbys is atached to the diaframe with these crappy little plastic hooks?? they slip off some thimes and it results in exactly what you describe...
  3. Sounds like weak spark, but I'm only saying that because that's what the Hornet was like when the battery died. Auto/bike electrician called for, guesswork ain't worth nuttin
  4. If it's fine up to 4000 revs but always has problems from this point then it might be worth checking your fuel pump.
    (Gravity may be supplying enough fuel up to 4 grand, but not for anything higher than that.)

    ... but then I AM drunk ...
  5. Did you get water in the tank?

    You should have a drain plug on you carby bowls.

    Put your fuel tap on prime and remove the bowl plug and drain a litre or so.
  6. Rip the air filter out and see if it looks sexy (relatively speaking of course). Then chuck a bottle of Motul fuel cleaner in the tank and see how you go.

    If all else fails you could always try a mechanic ;)
  7. Yeah, drain the float bowls, and clean petrol tap on the tank, it may need to be blown through backwards.
  8. Have you tried simply replacing the fuel filter? Not overly familiar with the bike so if it doesn't have one please disregard this coment.
  9. Whenever I wash my bike I always start it up afterwards to get the engine hot and evaporate all the water off the engine and out of the exhausts!
    My suggestion is drain fuel bowls and then but in about 250ml of metholated spirits into the fuel tank. Metho removes water from the fuel and also helps to clean the combustion areas of the engine, ie, removes the carbon build up on the valves and plugs etc. I run a bottle of metho in my bike every 6 months as a matter of course. If this doesn't fix it check the electricals noting how wet the coils and leads are. Dry if neccasary. Motul fuel cleaner probably does the same job as metho just costs a s@#t load more.
  10. Dude, if failing all the rest of the troubleshooters given, I had a similar sounding issue with my GPX250. It would start and sound ok but i couldnt give it any guts above about 6k rpm or so. Turned out to be the lack of air filter and it was sucking in too much air.
  11. that's the first thing I would've said... water somewhere :)

    I wouldnt think carby problems since all you did was wash it.
  12. {sobered up}

    You would automatically think that the washing of the bike was the root of the problem, but you say it is always hitting problems at 4000 revs which is odd if the problem is water-related. Can't for the life of me imagine what could cause that, unless it is some freaky result of vibrations.

    Still think that it could be your fuel pump, but can't imagine why it would start having problems straight after you washed the bike (I don't believe in coincidences). Did you take anything apart when you cleaned it?

    The best advice is to dry everything thoroughly, spray WD40 everywhere and see what happens. Whilst you're at it, put in a new air filter if it's an old one, it'll help through the winter when engines are most prone to problems.
  13. No mid-range, like a rideon tractor????

    Sure you didn't swap it for a harley??
  14. Hey thanks for the replies people. I dropped in at parramatta kawasaki yesterday and asked them what they thought (didnt take the bike just dropped in on way past in the car). The mechanic guy said that he reckons its a carby problem and that for $280 they,ll doa carby overhaul and see if that works, then if its still doin it they,ll change the spark plugs... sounds a bit like they dunno either. I dont really wanna ride it all the way there because its really hard to get it to go over about 50 kph, and it sounds horrible. I havent even looked at it since saturday arvo, tomorrow I'll fire her up and HOPEFULLY all will be oK! hehhe hopefully the heat of today dried whatever was wet (if anything). It is odd because I didnt really wet anything all i did was throw a little bit of water on it and wash then polish it,.... I've used the hose on it before and had no problems with it then so hmmmm...

    I'm writing down all these ideas and tomorrow I'm gonna try and do everything thats been suggested so far (subject to work commitments).
  15. If you pay for a $280 carby overhaul, then find it was the plugs you'll be a little upset. Perhaps you could replace the plugs now and see what happens.
  16. you have got water down a plug hole or
    sitting next to your sparkplug/s.

    blow out with compressed air. if this fails to fix it
    replace your spark plugs first!!!!
    this should fix your problem.
    next time you wash your bike see if it happens
    again. if it does stop and pull your sparkplugs
    out and clean them. then see if your problem goes away..
  17. Where abouts in Sydney, Paulie?

    Also it still could be water near a lead/plug. Sometimes it doesn't reveal itself untill under load.
  18. So, turns out that ythe reason the bike was playing up is because at some point before I bought the bike someone has overhauled the carbies (Please don't knock me if i type this wrong its what the mechanic dude told me) and rather than replace the O rings? they bunged the old ones up with glue! So anyways, the glue came unstuck and glogged the main jet everytime I throttled on! So the dude is gonna replace the O'rings for me and she should be right as rain! YAY!

  19. P.s I did try pretty much EVERYTHING that has been suggested on here! thanks all!

    I changed the spark plugs but it sounds pretty strange with the new plugs so i think I'll swap thew old ones back over.

    I checked the air filter and she was fine

    I drained the fuel bowls and they were fine

    Slowly learning how the bike goes together