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No longer on L's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Time, May 21, 2005.

  1. Hi all

    got my licence today - thanks to Rob /Justin at HART

    boy I am h a p p y !

    Time :LOL:
  2. Congrats Time...thats great stuff...now get out there and ride!!! :p :D
  3. Congrats mate. Well done!!

    :D :D
  4. Congrats Time :) About time too :LOL:
  5. Woo Hoo, WELL DONE.

    Cheers 8)
  6. Congrats Time well done
  7. Well Done....thats it now, ya don't have too worry about that test anymore.
    Lids is the next one I think going for her lic. Tell her how easy it is....
  8. About Time! pmsl! Congrats mate you'll find the bike goes faster without the drag of the yellow plastic but just remember ya still only got 5 points! Keep it shiny side up!
  9. Thanks all !

    [quote About Time! pmsl! Congrats mate you'll find the bike goes faster without the drag of the yellow plastic but just remember ya still only got 5 points! Keep it shiny side up!]

    is this true ? I remember one of the instructors saying when I went for my L's that it was 6 points and advised that as soon as we hit 3 months and 1 day book in for the licence test so to get all 12 points back straight away ( I have a full driving licence - not on P's)

    the test was easy compared to the L's - everyone passed. Just try to be in the first few tested rather than the last few , this won't give the butterflies time to rise by watching the little mistakes everyone before makes.

    The swerve was a bit different to what I expected - it wasn't an arc , counter steer in the direction the arrow dictates then counter steer back on course going around the lightbox.

    otherwise I am extatic and don't feel like a fake rider anymore.

    Time :D :wink:
  10. :shock: i don't understand what you're saying (..might be 2:30am related) you're saying because you have a full drivers licence now that you're off your L's you don't have to do the probation period? or that you're now on the probation period but get all your points back to play with?
  11. Slyfox , I'm 36 now - I finnished my P's When I was 20 for my car licence. I should be on restricted licence for 1 more year and because they will issue a combined car / motorcycle licence they said my points go back to 12 - question was ,were they wrong to advise that? :shock:

    anyway i'm wrapped that I passed
    have a good Sunday all
  12. good question, i'm also on my full car licence and L's bike licence, i hope you're right about getting the 12 points back because i am running a little low on points at the moment, after a couple of years of getting none i've been hit with a few in a row, and 6 isn't many to play with :?
  13. Congrats and well done!---Ditch the black and yellow anchor!
    365 and counting! :D \:D/ \:D/ :biker:
  14. When i was still on L's, Vicroads informed me that points were related to your highest licence, ie if i have a full car licence, the amount of points matches that, not the 6 points that having L's or P's normally have (my sister who is on car L's was not impressed with this).

    Once you get rid of the P's on the bike, if you have a full car licence, your bike licence is now also a full licence, although it will have 3 restrictions for 12 months, No Pillion, Bike under 260cc and BAC of .00. A Probationary licence is only for those that are in their first 3 years of being on the roads.
    However, if when you loose the bike L's you either dont have a car licence, or are on P's or L's in a car, you will get a Probationary licence for 3 years, with all the normal P's restrictions, and the extra bike restrictions for only 12 months (hence why we sometimes see people on bikes bigger then 260cc displaying a P plate)

    Hope this helps, but if you really wanna play it safe, give vicroads a call.

  15. congrats time. not long now eh? :)
  16. Lids has her licence and she is very proud :D \:D/ \:D/ as she should be of course :biker:

    Congrats TIME...well done!!
  17. Congratulation TIME, good work :)
  18. congratulations.... :(
  19. Its about..................TIME :shock: :LOL: :LOL:

    Well done

    Cheers 8)
  20. well done there.. how good is it to rip the L plate off... :)