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no longer a learner .. or am I?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by emsie, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. On the 21st of December I passed my advanced rider safe course *yay!* so I can officially now take my L plates off. Funny how just because I proved to a couple of guys that I can ride my bike real slow, I'm no longer a learner as far as anyone else on the road is concerned :p

    For the record, the course was really easy, especially on their bikes. I started out on a cb250. After having horrid welts that still hadn't really disappeared from my basic course, I should have known better. Nearly broke my hand trying to control the clutch on that so I jumped on a cbf250 which at least had the riding position I was used to. Personal opinion: cbf250's that are ridden as part of rider safe, SUCK :) Mine had a stop and go (and nothing in between) clutch, but still it was easier than the first bike.

    By the end of the course, I couldn't get the bike out of first gear because it was that beaten up, but gosh darn it, I still passed and probably could have done much better if it hadn't been stinking hot and bucketing down rain ;)

    Anyone who's really keen to hear what's in the advanced rider safe course/test, just PM me - still pretty fresh in my mind :)

  2. Congrats on ditching the L's now your real learning begins.
    Stay safe and rubber side down. :wink:
  3. 'Real learning' my ass :p After getting car Ps is when you do real learning since instantly start driving by yourself and are more adventurous. But when on a bike, its like that from the beginning. Besides, being on Ls hasn't stopped me from going anywhere different :cool: :p
  4. I figured that it would take ten years riding to consider myself experienced. After two years and 40000k, I might not fit the definition of a "learner rider" but I reckon I'm still only an early intermediate. Of course, riding in Sydney CBD traffic accelerates the learning somewhat! :LOL:
  5. We really could call it "evolution" couldn't we?

    ... seeing how only those who survive continue on :p
  6. Congrats on passing! Um okay but daft question from newbie on her L's.

    Why do people go for their P's on the bike provided by the training/testing place? Wouldn't your own bike be more familiar and easier? *scratches head*
  7. Heya Lopsided -

    First of all, being a local to me and a new learner, we should ride :grin: I'm still relatively new to this whole riding thing so would be good to ride with another learner :)

    I don't know what the case is with emsie, but as far as I know, a lot of people use the trainer's bikes because they don't actually have their own.

    I don't have my own, I use frictions, and when I do my full licence test I'll probably use his, but if for whatever reason I can't, I'd use the training one.

    That being said, I also felt a lot more comfortable on the cb because it's smaller and lighter the the cbr and I don't have a lot of strength, so I may use the cb anyway.

    Guess there'd be a few different reasons why the training bikes would be used *shrugs*
  8. Never too old to learn...might be to stupid though... :grin:
  9. Horses for course really. I did my course on my bike(a VTR250 at the time) because it was what I was used to and had done all the practice on. Others used the training bikes either because they didn't have one or because theirs wasn't suitable(eg. a cruiser with a long wheelbase).

  10. I asked the same question at HART. I was told that if you drop their bike during the course/exam then its no big deal. If you drop your own then you might not be able to ride it home and it could cost you a packet to fix.
  11. Congrats! Which range did you do the test at?

    Don't you have to wear a P plate for a year once the advanced course is completed?
  12. is there ever a stage really when ur not a learner... of course with the exceptions of the doctor himself (rossi), we all lose the learner status but we go on learning for years 2 come
  13. He still fell off in the last race. :p
  14. haha yeah good point still havent done that myself yet (touchwood)
  15. Has ANYONE ever dropped their bike on the P's test? I think that's just a story to boost revenue for teh testing companies........
    Anyway, just do the test on your bike, I passed on a cranky 29 year old Kawasaki with ease.
    As they say in aviation, you now have a licence to learn.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. haha yeah my sister but on the course b4 the actual test coz in nsw u do a 4 hour course b4 u actually do the test, she dropped it doing the cone weave...
  17. ah just noticed u r a nsw rider
  18. Hey there, I don't have to wear a P plate because I have a full driver's license. I still have restrictions in that I have to abide by LAMS but that's about it.

    Also, did the course at Oaklands Park.
  19. I used their bikes for two reasons. First of which, I spent a lot of time trying to be able to do the course on my bike (vtr250) and just couldn't do circles tight enough to get the figure 8. My second reason was that I read a post on here that the course was virtually impossible to do on a vtr250 because of the radiator. I have to say, having done the course and test on both a cb and a cbf, it is *noticeably* easier on their bikes - they wouldn't give you bikes on which the course was too difficult and it had nothing to do really with whether I was going to drop a bike or not.

    Ultimately, I just wanted to give myself the best chance I could and if it was easy enough/possible to do it on my bike, I'm sure a vtr250 would be an option to do so out of their list of bikes.
  20. makes no difference here in SA - the govt happily lets you use their bikes for free - you've already paid through the nose to do the test :p