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No logbook

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bears, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. I just purchased my bike from a dealer and wasn't supplied with the logbook or user manual.. Is this common? Is it a problem that I didn't receive these?

  2. If it was new, yes of course. If it was second hand the books may still be sitting in the salesmans drawer, have you asked Them?
  3. It's used (2011). I asked and he couldn't remember getting them. He said they may be in the box. I checked, nothing on the bike.
  4. If it was me I'd follow it up with him again, at the very least see if you can get him to give you a set. There are owners manuals around you can down load but the service book would be worth having.
  5. I totally agree.. Thanks, I'll check in with him again tomorrow
  6. First thing I do when purchasing a bike or car is ask if they have service books and the handbook, if not then no deal.
    When we were searching for our current car we went to one dealer, who presented us with the handbook, perfect service history etc, just that the VIN did not match the one in the handbook. "oh we got the wrong one from our supplier" turns out they purchased it from auction and tried to onsell it for a profit.
    Watch them they are shifty bastards.
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  7. If it's second hand the the dealer may not have been given it.

    I no longer have the service book for my bike and never worried too much about keeping it up to date anyway. Why? Because I'm the sort of person that tends to hold on to vehicles until it becomes BER (Beyond Economical Repair) in which case the service history is worth precisely nothing.
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  8. I already purchased the bike :(
  9. It's a fairly new bike it should be ok
  10. Thanks Smee
  11. Did you speak to them about the books again, if so what was the upshot. Don't get down about the bike, as smee said the bike is probably fine, just be nice to have the service record in your kit.
  12. I did. He said that he wasn't given any books. He said that he would make a call to the dealer he bought it from and try to trace the books that way. I'm not holding my breath.. All good, lesson learnt
  13. Fair enough at least you tried, I'd give him a couple of days, maybe try twice more before you give up.
  14. Last time I checked, it wasn't a crime to make a profit...Better save that argument for another day!

    Do you know any dealers that specialise in the brand you have purchased? It's highly likely it has been to a dealer for some servicing and with a rego or VIN check, they may be able to provide you with it's service history.
  15. Your dealer purchased it from a dealer? You might have some chance if your dealer was able to contact the original SELLER, but I reckon you've got Buckley's chance.....
    Anyway, when I buy a machine I get a complete service done to 'draw a line in the sand' and establish its service history from that date onwards..
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  16. Cazzo is on to it. See if you can ascertain where it lived previously, then contact a few local brand dealers. If it went to any of them, the rego if original or VIN should hep trace it's history assuming you locate the servicing dealer.

    If it went to an independent shop, little chance of finding that shop. When you are buying a bike only a few years old, as long as you don't intend to keep it forever, the books should be included or I would walk away.

    It won't hurt you 7-8+ years from now when you sell it, if you hang on to it that long.
  17. For a small fee at the motor registry you can find out the rego history of a vehicle. Perhaps you can find the books that way...

    Kobo :cool:
  18. Yeah, those shifty dealers, trying to make a profit.
  19. Thanks everyone, appreciate the support