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NSW No license on me at RBT

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by sydneycraig, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. just got $86 fine for not having my license on me when stopped at RBT.
    assumed it was like the UK where you get 5 days to produce it at the local police station! guess not. seems like a bit of a harsh system and the UK method is much more sensible!!

    my moded tw200 from deus avoided any defect fines tho even tho they said most of it failed!

  2. in vic it's like that. afaik
  3. Why would assume it's the same as the UK? I could understand if you said you assumed it was the same as another state (within Australia) but why even begin to compare it to an entirely different country.

  4. Moral of the story AU is not England. Assumptions can be costly. If that was Victoria the filth would have would have given you demerit points as well as a greater fine.
  5. Res, pulled over a few months back for a checkup with no license on me.
    Told the plod, must have left wallet on kitchen bench (which I did) all I had to do is take it to the local station within 7 days which I did the following day and that was it.....

    Over my 30 years of driving, it's happened a few times and always done the same thing....
    Then again I'm always nice with them and suppose if I came across with any sort of an attitude they could have fined me as there has always been a fine in Vic for it.....

    Having said that, I've heard recently from family members in NSW that the plod there have decided to take a no tollerance approach to not having your license on you.... Now that's a very revenue raising attitude...
  6. When I was a first licensed you had 7 days to produce,around the time RBT first came in,around 1978,I remember my first Booz Buss on the approach to the mountain at Bathurst, it became compulsory to carry it with a fine if you didn't.BTW our system is based on the pommy one so surprise surprise we have lots of similar laws,a lot of the differances are preitty resent
  7. I have never had to produce my licence at a RBT set up,
    But if a copper pulls you over,
    Licence, BT, Have a quick look for Unroadworthy, If he's got the rags on, You get fined,
    Other wise its off you go,
    1969, I got pulled over with no licence, 3 AM, Sunday, He checked me out and the radio said, He's licenced, the bike is his, and He's not wanted, They had my full history on the radio,
    Took my my licence into a cop shop, no problems,
  8. Joe, this topic came up recently and think in VIC the fine print came down to age. Over 25 what you said could be done but under 25 would result in fine and possible demerit points. But as deadman said if the cops got his rags on combined with the riders attitude determines the result in some cases.
  9. Been pulled over here in Vic a few times without it - I used to drive trucks and remember the license number and expiry, they've always been happy with that and sent me on my way without penalty...
  10. Most will give you 24 hours to produce it at your local. Did you give him any grief ????
    Ah bout the only joy of a small town is the plods know you. But even they get the shoites when I tell them I must have left it with their wife.
    Mine only has a photo and number, no address on it. If I have the shoites or feel cheeky I tell them that if they needed to know it would be on it. Ha ha. But you can get away with that at my age.
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  11. That is not correct Resmen.

    (1) Failing to carry a license has zero points.

    (2) The 'filth' do not give you demerit points for any offence. That is done by the state's motoring authority only. This is precisely why you can commit an offence
    interstate and not not receive demerit points.

    (3) The fine in your state is about $20 more (if that).

    There is no 'possible'.

    A fine either attracts penalty demerit point(s) or it does not.

    In every state of Australia drivers are required, by law, to carry their licence at all times when in charge of a motor vehicle. Failure to carry their licence, or not having a licence that is currently valid, may result in the issue of a traffic infringement notice.

    Many European countries, New Zealand and Canada require drivers to produce their license on demand when driving. In such countries, the driver must always carry their license on them when driving.

  12. I'm not a lawyer, law expert nor claim to be. If I cop a fine when I'm definitely in the wrong I cop it on the chin and move on with my life. Then I go out and ride my motorcycle.
    As others have mentioned depending on the mood of the person stopping you, one may get away scott free or otherwise as already mentioned in previous posts.
  13. In QLD if you hold a full ie unrestricted licence, you do not have to carry it on you, you have 48 hours to present it to a nominated police station as long as your were driving a car at the time. Quote from Transport QLD website. I usually do carry mine, but not if going out somewhere where a wallet may get swiped.

    You must carry your licence with you at all times when you are driving and show it promptly to a police officer when required to do so. However, if you hold an open licence and are driving a class C vehicle, you may be given 48 hours to present your licence.
  14. It looks like it's a NSW-specific rule:

    300–5 NSW rule: driver to carry licence while driving motor vehicle
  15. Whether you get fined comes down to police discretion, as with most things. The lost wallet routine will normally save you as long as you play it well. And to play it well to a cop it pretty much has to be true. The sorry, I left it at home excuse just wont wash.
  16. Did you argue or give the cop a hard time,

    If not, Its a wonder he didnt arrest you or shoot you, He sounds like he wasnt in a good mood, Hahahahahahahaha
  17. Perhaps he assumed it was normal country and not some kind of police state...

    Even better sydneycraig wait to a public holiday comes around and they get you with double demerits, I thought someone was taking the piss when they forst told me that...
  18. That's funny. We have it a lot better here than many European nations including the UK as to rules, police state like attitude and big brother. Having lived many years in England and Scandinavia travelled extensively in Europe and other nations I have seen what they have to offer, and yet those of us with limited views are so quick to judge based on the grass is greener idea. I'd suggest trying to piss off a cop in Frankfurt or Oslo and see how progressive their views are.

    Thinking about the UK? It's been a while since I've been there but from all accounts it is now heavily policed and there is CCTV everywhere. To suggest that this is a police state in comparison to that is ...... well interesting to say the least.

  19. cheers for the responses!
    it was on campbell parade in bondi, and i had just been for a swim as i do most days. i dont take valuables (including license) as i leave my bag on the beach and dont want it stolen.

    i was polite to the guy and he seemed polite and cheery, but still issued the ticked! my bike (moded deus) could have attracted a number of other fines if he was to be picky so i guess he was sort of been goodabout it....

    whilst he was checking my details another 2 cops walked around my bike pointing out every defect to me, but they went onto check others...

    and yes i should know oz laws not assume uk laws but hey ho...
  20. Nope they usually give you a few days to produce it at a local cop shop.