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NSW No licence, what now???

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by boingk, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. So, I lost my licence this morning. And no, this isn't a rant thread... although how it happened was pretty shitful.

    Long story short, apparently somone along the route I take to work got the shits and made some sort of complaint. It may have been a noise complaint as single-cylinder bikes have a very penetrating exhaust note. Anyway I ride down this road a few minutes before 8am every weekday morning for work, and this morning I was greeted with flashing lights in the rear view.

    I don't particularly want to get into details, but I'll let you know that my licence is now revoked for a period of 3 months... once I pay the fine.

    As I need my licence for my job, is there any way I can get a provisional or restricted licence so I can keep working?

    Cheers - boingk
  2. Not in Victoria,
    I asked for a licence just to go to and from work, No dice,
    I also have a four tonne truck with mobile welder, and you cant put that on public transport or a bicycle,
    No income for 8 months,
  3. boingk,
    Sorry to hear mate ! I find myself pondering the thought of how I would cope should this happen to me.
    Someone I know has recently lost his VIC licence also. Though I'm not sure when the suspension takes place. He and some friends are planning a trip to Adelaide asap to convert their licences to the SA equivalent, obviously prior to their VIC one becoming null and void !
    Dodgy ? Yes...but again, this is a loophole for those desperate drivers/riders caught out.

    Not advocating this as a 'must do' action, just food for thought from someone in a similar predicament.

    Best of luck mate.
  4. Get legal advice.
    It will cost $$ but may be worthwhile if it would mean no income otherwise.
  5. That used to be the case, but now they are all linked together by computer and no longer possible,
    Damn it,
  6. You serious mate ? Wow ! I guess it was a matter of time before this loophole was 'filled' with Selleys 'No more gaps' ! :)

    Seriously, much appreciated - I'll pass this onto him asap.

  7. boingk you can get a probationary (i think it is) licence, which means that you dont lose your licence and have only have 1 point for the next 12 months. The catch is if you get caught in that 12 months for anything, you lose your licence for 6 months
  8. deadmans right that used to be the case till a few years ago but selleys has been applied to that gap so no more multiple licences from different states. I had an old mate that had a valid license from VIC, NSW, SA, QLD & TAS simultanously.
  9. Sorry I can't offer any advice on a restricted licence but have noticed an increase in the number of pushbikes with small engines attached. How long is your commute is your commute any other viable forms of transport such as this available?
  10. Valid, very valid. I rate this (y)
  11. Its called double Jeopardy, You take the 12 month option against the time you originally lost your licence for,
    You dont have any points to lose,
    If you lose one point you get double the original time with no licence,

    You lose it for 3 months originally, lose one point and you lose your licence for 6 months,

    I should have taken the 4 month original suspension, now I have to walk for 8.
    Shitteth Happens,

    Points accumulate so easy these days,
  12. Thanks for the replies and sympathies guys.

    My commute is only about 7km and 10 minutes, but I operate a vehicle during the course of my job... thats the main thing I need my licence for.

    I've just gotten back from the RTA and they've told me that if it was a simple point accumulation you can indeed get a probationary 'one-point' licence for the length of the suspension... but seeing as one of my charges was 'more than 30km over' that is an instant suspension and the probationary thing apparently doesn't apply.

    It looks like the court date may indeed be a better option, although I can always get another job. The main reason I'm working this job is to take off around Australia in May, and the 3-month suspension only affects me working and earning money for that. I'm planning to get a 'non-disposable' job (using my degree) once I get back from the trip.

    Cheers - boingk


    Oh man that sucks. Maybe I'll just get another job.
  13. Bummer, bad luck. We're going to need all the juicy details though! :angel:

    If you need your licence for work, how much is it worth to you? 2K for a good lawyer for the day might get you off, but it might not either.

    BTW, you can put paying the fine off for a quite a while, any chance of some more points freeing up soon?
  14. Zero chance of point coming back online... they only roll around once every three years, and my last infringement was about 6 months ago.

    The job is worth exactly $6350 (more with overtime) over about 3 months, and I can't afford to get a lawyer as my fines total $1030. Theres no way I'm selling the XR or GSX, either.

    - boingk
  15. This will be more than enough for a magistrate not to take your license away.

    If you can prove that it is for work and not just because it's inconvenient to get to work, the vast majority of the time they will let you work around it.

    Go to court. Plead guilty and take signed and witness statements from your employer. They may give you a bigger fine, they may put you on probation for 12 months or they may, if you are very lucky, just let you off with a warning.

    Can I ask where it was? Just for my own security.
  16. It wasn't in Sydney guys, you can relax haha.

    I may take it to court or even just ask at the local cop shop if I can get a probationary for work. The fellow at the RTA was a bit hesitant to say the least and was more wrapped up in what notices the police had given me than anything else.

    If I go to court I'm assuming I can represent myself in this matter if all I have to do is plead guilty and sumbit evidence of needing my licence for employment?

    - boingk
  17. What about trying to get a sorters job instead of a PDO. You don't need a license then. And can save a few more bucks riding a pushie.
  18. Shit... thats actually a really good idea - thanks bretto! I'll have a word to the guys in at work. I'm sure we could use another sorter.

    Cheers - boingk
  19. Why didn't I think of that? Wasn't tuned in to be honest and now that I think about it AusPost can be quite accommodating under such circumstances and find alternative duties such as sorter, whether it be night sort or morning shift in the case of 'team beats'. Then there's the option of walk or bicycle rounds that can be considered as well.
  20. And this system is about road safety? I want to vomit.