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No levitating over bikes!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by es, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. sign

    guy on LJ group posted this pic a couple of days ago; he was stumped by this sign he saw in Milwaukee. Probably it means something like "don't walk through here" or "dont park your bike here" but its rather cryptic really!

    what do you think it means?
  2. no pedestrians

    no motorbike

    probably an industrial area or loading area etc.
  3. It means that unless the guy is travelling at the same speed as the bike, he's going to fall on the ground and not the saddle of said bike......
  4. I prefer to think of it as "no stunting here" :LOL:
  5. skateboards and cars are ok though !
  6. it actually says no moonwalking above a motorbike. understandable, the safety implications and all.
  7. maybe "no highsliding"?
  8. you already said that :p
  9. it obviously means don't try the leap of faith here :roll: :roll: :shock:

    oooh my stunting knowledge is extreeeeeme :LOL: :LOL: :p
  10. It means the person who designed the sign is an agressive middle aged urban 4 wheel driver with a dislike of motobikes and pedestrians...
  11. Don't try jumping onto a moving bike as you may crack your nuts. Ouch!!! :shock: This obviously only applies to the boys.
  12. Symaltanously having a bike up close with a giant way off in the distance is strictly prohibited. I'm assuming a giant with a club is the expection to this rule since its not depicted.
  13. i think it is upside-down :p ..and it is showing what can happen if you try and do a loop the loop without a seat belt through a red loop :LOL:
  14. oMG! tim you are so right!!! how did i not pick that?
  15. Ahh, its all so clear now. One thing to note is that upside down motorcyclist isn't wearing a helmet.
  16. yeah but it is USA