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NSW No L plate displayed. Loss of licence?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Trent dude, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Hello netriders,

    I was recently pulled over and issued a fine ~ "Not displaying L Plate".

    My question is, Since i have received this fine, Do i now lose my licence?

    I searched the internet and saw that the fine comes with demerit points, but, im a learner so i dont exactly have points to lose.

    Im trying to find out what sort of punishment im in for so i can attempt to find a resolution which allows me to stay on the road. Common sense tells me i shouldve asked Mr.PoliceMan but i was not thinking clearly after seeing the $200-odd dollar fine.

  2. No you don't lose it.

    It's 2 points but you get 4 on your learners.
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  3. Phew! U put a smile back on my face. Cheers for the fast reply, man.
  4. God I hated that L/P period, constantly paranoid I was going to do one wrong thing and lose my license. Someone with 20 years driving experience shouldn't be worried about losing their license over petty crap like not displaying a plate correctly.
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  5. If you look on the SDRO website, there is a drop down menu for contesting a fine - one of the valid reasons they list is that "The L/P plate was there when you left to drive/ride".

    I would contest it - very likely to get away with it, what an asshole cop to infringe you on that though, I got pulled over for no P plate and the cop came over with a spare one and a zip tie and said, never let me see you without it again.
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  6. Wow last time I got done for no plates the cop just had a laugh, wrote his ticket and drove off. When I asked 'what do I do if I get pulled over again today for this?' he said, show them your ticket and they won't give you another one.

    Wrote a letter to the SDRO contesting it and received a generic response which had nothing to do with my original letter. Good luck with it though.