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No Ipod Music?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2wheelsagain, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    As its customary for me to take my Ipod Mini away with me when I'm working fires to get me off to sleep I was surprised to turn it on last week and not have any music available. :shock: Notes etc were still intact but no music either legal or otherwise. :?:
    WTF what the short version of what I said and today I plug it into the PC and fire up the dreaded Itunes and the Ipod is not recognised. WTF I say again. :evil: :evil:
    I reset the Ipod for the first time ever and rebooted the PC and still have no joy. :mad:

    Any NR hints or tips to get this thing going? :idea:
    Please don't suggest buying XYZ brand as the head unit in the car is set up for the Ipod too (cost me an extra $300 way back when). :eek:

    Ipod is 2nd gen Mini.

  2. Buy a creative.


  3. Your 2nd gen mini (like the 6gb one) is still working? Mine carked it a year ago, refusing to accept that it had battery, despite being fully charged (could sometimes remember that it did have battery and go on for a while, then it would forget until a random point later in the day), etc..

    Download latest patches for it?
  4. i have a 4gb mini.. i think thats first gen. and its still going ok the battery doesn't last as long as it used to but it still has a few hours before dying

    not really sure what happened to your though.
  5. They only come with a 1yr warranty for a reason. Because they don't last forever. Sounds like an opportunity for you to upgrade :)
  6. Ipods, what can you do...

    I changed the battery on mine, and now it will only play music if it's mac formatted - which means I can't use it to transfer music to my pc at work.

    Doesn't help with your problem though - I know there's a diagnostic thing that you can run to see what's going on, have a look at this link - it might help
  7. Thanks for all your suggestions except munecito :eek:
    Its recognised by winblows and the diagnostic test. I can access it as a 4gb HDD just says there is no music and Itunes doesnt detect it.

    I'll keep working on it.
  8. Download a "restore" program off the apple Ipod site. Basically you will lose anything on the Ipod as it reformats it but it should work again.

    If you've already done that I don't know :)
  9. :oops: :demon:

  10. :LOL: Thats cool mate.
    As stated in the OP the car is rigged up for the Ipod.
  11. That was the line that made me do it. That and the voices in my head.

  12. Problem fixed.
    Finished up doing a full FAT32 format.
    Winblows reports 23Mb unallocated space (damaged?) but after a format and a "reset" Itunes detects the unit and I have transferred tunes ack to it.

    The Apple site is next to useless. Info was found elsewhere on the net.

    Once again I love my Ipod and can go to sleep without hearing the crackle of burning bush nearby.

    Thanks all for suggestions. :grin:
  13. Including me? :angel: :angel:

  14. Yes mate, including you :LOL:

    Psssssst wanna buy a Ipod Mini :p
  15. Even after all that?

    I had nothing but problems with my Ipod, and ended up throwing it off a bridge. I've stuck with really generic MP3 players ever since and they've been great. (And shiteloads cheaper)
  16. Mine would have to be 3 - 4 years old and this is the first time it's let me down. Its always had cr4p battery life but is a brilliant player apart from that. I hate Itunes though (I know there are alts)

    Like most of my stuff, it doesnt get abused so maybe thats the secret :LOL:

    Mods: Can this thread be locked now? :wink: