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N/A | National No insurance quote for 2013 models

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by L1ndros88, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys;
    I just put a deposit on a new 2013 Ninja 650L ABS, and from word of mouth had heard the greatness of AAMI. So I call them up to ask about insurance, and they say that they aren't able to insure the 2013 models because they don't have sufficient information.

    I asked if this happens often, as it seems to be a pretty significant gap in insurance coverage (I mean, 2013 models have been out for a while now).

    Has this happened to anyone?
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can go about insuring my bike?
  2. Tell them to list it as the 2012 model until the sort their sh!t out
  3. I tried saying that, but their response was that if I were to make a claim, it wouldn't be valid because it's not the right model year of bike.

    And apparently this is insurance-industry wide. I can't seem to get a quote online or over the phone.
  4. I had a similar thing when i bought my car, however NRMA didn't have any issues insuring it as it was still the same model but newer year than their system showed.
  5. :-s How can a bike be a 2013 model if it was built, complianced and registered in 2012?

    Seems to me the only problem is that insurance companies work on reality, not marketing.
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  6. I'll try giving them a ring tomorrow and see what they say. Thanks!
  7. That was my initial thought, though the model information on the Contract for Purchase document states 2013. Maybe Peter Stevens has the information wrong? I'll also give them a ring tomorrow and figure this out.

    Thanks for the ideas.
  8. Usually a vehicle's year is based on its compliance date. So it is possible for it to be made in '12 but sold as a '13 model - but not when it's still 2012.
  9. build date and model year are 2 different things..
  10. Won't be the first time '
  11. Try getting the info on the bike's compliance plate and passing it on to them.
  12. I found PS pretty good with the insurance side of things when I bought a bike from them. They're agents for Swann - I suggest checking what sort of quote you can get, the price might be better than elsewhere. And I'm sure there'll be no issues getting your 2013 bike insured through their agency.
  13. Hi all;
    Just wanted to close off the thread and let everyone know the outcome. Apparently AAMI is pretty hesitant to do bike insurance, and so Peter Stevens (an awesome guy named Cameron that actually works at the Harley shop) hooked me up with Swann. The cost of comprehensive was surprisingly inexpensive compared to the quotes I was getting online.

    So now that's all done, all I'm waiting for is Peter Stevens to deliver my bike! Very excited.

    Thanks for the help, guys!