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No insurance discount if you have alarm on your bike ? why ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Omarko, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. hi guys

    I am puzzled. I have just installed Scorpio SR-i900 on my CBR600RR '08. As its pretty much the best alarm system you can get for a bike, I thought there will be some level of discount on my premium with QBE.

    I rang them up and to my surprise it does not affect the premium at all!!! wtf ? I might as well have not bought it! crazy ....

    Do you guys know if there is an insurer out there that takes alarm and immobilizer into account ?

  2. I don't know. The insurance companies seem to have changed their stance on details this year. When I asked for insurance quotes for my cage two months ago, they only asked for my postcode and suburb. They never asked whether it was garaged, it had an alarm or anything (like they did every other year I asked). Maybe that's extended to bikes as well and all they now care about is the post code of where you keep it.
  3. there normally is if there is an immobiliser as part of the alarm iirc. It might also be down to the simplicity of access to disable one on a bike, over a car.
  4. Why would you bother? That's what insurance is for. If it's get stolen, new bike time :grin:
  5. I love my bike and I spend lot of time and money on upgrading it so if its stolen and I just get a new replacement, its not the same.

    That's why I got the alarm system as I want to decrease the chances of the thief being able to steal it. At the same time, I honestly did think that the premium will go down.

    The world does not end, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows an insurer (without me ringing all of them) that offer discount if you have one of these.

    btw the alarm has also immobilizer and perimeter sensor.
  6. Can i ask how much it was for the lot? PM if you like.
  7. you mean the bike upgrades or the alarm system?
  8. It purely dpends on the incsuranc ecompany. Some just ask postcode and age, some ask whether it's locked up, some don't. Some give discounts for alarm (Insuremyride) some don't.
  9. Insure My Ride have an online quote system and they ask very specifically what type of security device you have on the bike, have not played around to see if different choices actually effect the premium but it costs nothing on the site to try it and see.

  10. Possibly because their greatest risk assessment relates to the bike being thrown down the road, not stolen.
  11. It does change the price slightly.
  12. Blasphemy! Nobody throws their bike down the road. Their bikes simply get lazy and, with no or very little warning, decide to have a lie down to rest.
  13. Omarko, your bike has an immoboliser built in. That's already the maximum deterrant.

    A wailing alarm on top of that is a positive addition, but not a statistically significant deterrant.

    Having said that, I'm sure I got a few % points off once for having an alarm/immoboliser added to a bike that didn't previously have it. Can't recall who with.
  14. I've wondered what the ratio is between stolen vs crashed. Might have a hunt around see if there are any posted statistics.
  15. I had a look on the insure my ride website and the difference is $10 ... LOL

    oh well ...
  16. I had same thing QBE. Doesn't make sense to me either, but as has been said - stolen bike means replacement. That's what we're paying our premiums for.
  17. Thats nothing, installed a full house alarm on the other halfs car, rang the insuarnce company to be told that they would charge me extra because an alarm is an accessory...LOL, hello dickheads, far be it for me to try and protect yours and my interests... :roll:
  18. Well if its already got a factory immobilizer then really the alarm is just adding extra cost the the bike they would have to pay out on...

    It seems like extra security like alarms and bolts in the floor are really just to try avoid the stress of shopping for another bike and dealing with the insurance company.
  19. So in about 50 to 60 years, you'll get your money back ;)

  20. Doesn't the fact that there is no discount tell you how effective an alarm is in preventing theft? So that's $500 down the drain.

    If they want your bike, they'll take it. They put them in vans, in the back of trucks, in lock up garages. No one takes notice of an alarm and if they did, it's unlikely anyone would step in and stop your pride and joy being half inched.