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No idea what to get for first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by lbfalcon, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Hi people, Im about to get my open bike licence in about 1-2 weeks when i finish my training (Q-ride course). The problem is i have no idea what i should get since i will have a open licence. The CBR250RR seems to be very popular but since im 6'2 and about 100kg the bike seems a bit small and cramped for me (iv done some learning on a CBF250 and it felt a bit small too). I have spoken to a few friends with bikes and they said get somthing like a cbr600rr/r6/zx6r but people here seem to be saying that its too much for somone without riding experance besides q-ride. my budget is about 10k inc gear and i only really want a full fairing ss style bike (naked bikes etc dont really interest me. Any advice would be great as to which direction i should look.

  2. I would suggest getting a bigger bike, it gets boring quickly on a 250. I can only speak for what I've ridden on, but i'm really pleased with my 03 zx6r. I'm 6'2 and about 85Kg and it suits me perfectly, however it is a bit of a nut cruncher, a hard ride. Otherwise it is great. At least a 600 is my advice, zxr, cbr, gsxr, r6. All nice rides and available for the money you have.
  3. I was in your position in April/May this year. My advice is to get out there and ride some bikes. Visit bike sellers. Check out the Trading Post, bikesales.com.au etc.

    Find something you feel comfortable on. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another.

    And once you've got a bike, come riding with us :grin:
  4. Hi,
    I am 6ft 2, 95kg. ZZR250 was great for me. I would get a 600 though, I went from L's to fulls in 3 months and sold the ZZR straight away for the CBR and not looking back. Think about insurance and the type of riding you may want to do. Some of the 600 sports are a tad uncomfy on long trips. $10K would have bought my bike, which is 2005 model, with only 3500km plus $1500 left over for gear.
  5. Don't listen to the crap people tell you saying someone with limited experience should only buy say a 600cc bike instead of a litre class bike.

    Both if late model machines will be well and truly fast enough to kill you, if you let it. The key here is self control. If you turn the fun handle beyond what you are capable of handling, well the fun may be short lived.

    Get the bike that you think will suit your riding style best, and one you think will keep you happy until you plan on the next upgrade.

    Just don't listen to crap about how you should only buy a 600cc etc smaller capacity bike.

    Bikes with 180RWHP can be easily ridden at snails pace if that's what makes you happy and comfortable. If you plan on getting a litre class bike eventually, then just go straight to it now, save the re-selling of a smaller bike, and the pain of searching for 2 bikes.

    My 2 c
  6. User friendly, fast, good handling....... ER6F
  7. +1 after a couple of weeks of maxing the speed on the 250's you'll want to upgrade & Standing up to do wheels on the 250's are a sick learning experience but not really that practical lol, gsxr, r6 & cbr are the 3 bikes i've been looking to upgrade 2

    though if you have zero experience, i would start with a cheap second hand 250(cbr/zxr/zzr are all basically the same), drop the 250 a few times practicing corners, uturns etc. then upgrade to a bigger bike & never have to pay for stupid fairing dmg & new clutch/break leavers lol

    ohh yah, have a look at the gt250r hyo & cbr250r/zxr there bodykits are alittle bigger then the other 250's
  8. i like the list here

    note the paragraphs
    Unwise Choices for Beginners:

    Any Harley big twin, any British, Japanese or German bike 850ccs or over, any Ducati. These bikes are heavy, powerful, and expensive to fix when you drop them. And you will drop them.
    Really, Really Bad Bikes for Beginners:

    Honda CBR anything; Kawasaki Ninja ZX anything; Suzuki GSXR anything; Yamaha YZF or FZ anything. Any Japanese bike with an in-line 4 cylinder engine of 600ccs or more. These bikes will kill you. Even the cute little 600s. These are the most popular bikes made, but try to find one used: most of them have total loss crashes in the first year. Usually the engine can be salvaged and used in a competition go-kart. Call your insurance agent and ask for a quote on comprehensive coverage. Those crash pictures that circulate on the Internet are all on one of these bikes.
  9. twistngo's list above is very true.

    Any sports bike 600cc's or more built in the last 20 years will be more difficult for a learner to handle.

    You want less than 100hp.

    Suzuki SV650s is your best option. It's all the bike you'll need for a long time. Unless you're a huge speed freak, it may be all the bike you ever need.

    But if you think you can handle the 600, or even if you don't mind having a few stacks, go the 600 ss style. I'm not your mum, Buy the fastest bike you feel confident to ride.
  10. A twin 600ish could be good.

    I'd personally avoid a 600 I4 as a bike to learn on.

    But if I DID, it would be one of the tamer ones, like a pre02 zx6r, zzr600, hornet 600, etc.

    My next bike is likely to be an sv650s. Its not slow, don't really need any more power than that for me. But at the same time its not as 'omg' as the other bikes, have a look at them if you're thinking 600.
  11. er6f, sv650, gs500f, maybe even a cbr600f4. All nice bikes.

    Not sure on the pricings tho, but i know you could pick up a near new gs500f, full set of leathers, rego and insurance and still have a little change.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, i think i will just go to a motorbike shop and see what feels right and what suits me.
  13. Check em all out.. But considering you are a similar size to me i would say the ZZR250 is a perfect fit.. :grin:
  14. At the moment im leaning towards a Triumph Daytona 650 it has the looks and less power then the jap bikes only question is are oggy knobs available for it
  15. SV650s or ER6f would be what i'd be scoping out.
  16. How about a brand new Suzuki GS500F?

    By the time you get it on road, you will probably break your budget though. One that is 1-2 years old should be pretty good too.
  17. Fantastic underrated bike, but don't fool yourself that it will be easier to handle than a jap 600. To a learner the power will be equally severe.

    If you've decided to go this route (which is fine), you might as well get the one that's most attractive to you. From the early 90's onwards, all 600's have been very fast.

    You might also like this:

    New GSX650f.
    A much better learners bike, but still properly quick. It'll see you on the good side of 200km/h.
  18. Update

    Update - I have my licence now but have a few bike to choose from

    2005 Yamaha R6 15,000km $10490 (after negotation)

    2005 Yamaha R6 19,000km $10990 (no negotation yet)

    2005 Honda CBR600RR 15,000km $9990 (no negotation yet)

    Now im not too sure what to get i like a seating position of the R6 as its much more rider friendly but the cbr is much cheaper.

    What do u people think?
  19. If you're having trouble deciding, start getting insurance quotes - there could be some HUGE differences, and that may end up being your deciding factor. On the actual decision of which bike? - I have no idea, I rode a CB250 to get my licence, and now own a GPX!!! Try to get a long test ride - maybe have a bike for an hour or two minimum - to get a real feel for it. Good luck shopping!
  20. Its all ok now thanks i just bought the 05 R6 with 19k kms, I should get it in a few days so i cant wait woohoo