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no idea what to do :(

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ageg, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Hey peeps,

    I recently got my motorbike license and purchased a fzr600 off a friend of mine a few months a go due to it being cheap. I have had little or no knowledge of motorbikes up until i started visiting these forums after getting my bike license.

    After a few discussions with people and asking some people on here i have found out that the fzr is not learner legal, my mate at the time told me that it was legal and that becuase of its weight it was ok to ride. After finding out it is not learner legal and finally purchasing all my motorbike gear and ready to ride, recently discovering this about the bike kind of shitted me lol.

    So, now this is where i need some help in what to do. Should i just keep the fzr and buy a 250 and ride it around till im off my learners? or sell the fzr and purchase a ok 250 until im ready to move onto a bigger bike?. Also, what kind of market value am i looking at for the fzr if i were to sell it or maybe even swap it with someone that wants a bigger bike??. I dont really have the money at the moment to go out and spend another few thousand on a bike so im kind of stuck in a rutt.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

  2. Well, IMHO you've kind of answered this for yourself. If you can only afford one bike, and can't legally ride the one you have, it seems that the only option available is to sell it and buy a learner-legal bike.

    That's what I would do anyway.
  3. mmmm .... fzr600 ... are you in Vic? :D (oops, just noticed, yes you are)

    I'd suggest selling it unless you can afford to hang onto it along with another bike.

    If you do decide to sell, go check out bikesales to get an idea what they're selling for. And of course you can advertise it on here in the Classified section.

    Good luck with what you decide to do.
  4. see, a smart woman fixed your problem in no time flat !!
  5. Check the prices on ebay and a few others, to compare what price bikes are selling for at the moment, then decide if you can afford to keep the fzr.

    You can often pick up a 250 for under $1000 on ebay, if you only want a cheap bike to use for the first few years.

    And, the first thing you have learned, don't always listen to a friend, do your own research on things.

    At the moment, you prob have a nice paperweight there for a period of time....
  6. well you said it was cheap. If you got a good price from your friend you might make a nice profit. No brainer really. Sell the fzr.

    OTOH, if your friend ripped you off, keeping the bike wont make it any better.
  7. Punch your 'mate' in the face!
    Then trade it in or wait and sell it privately.
    Then punch your 'mate' in the face!
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  8. Gold and also correct....

    But yeah - ditch the fazer and get a LAMS approved machine.
    By the time you are ready (both legally and otherwise) I almost guarantee you wouldn't re-buy this bike anyway.

    Good luck mate (y)
  9. I'd ride it to be honest, are you a commuter or do you like heading up the bush? IF the latter is true, get rid of it. City cops don't know an R1 from a Moped.

    Not endorsing breaking of the law but if i had it in my garage i'd just ride it.
  10. +1 He doesn't sound like much of a mate. He would have to be extremely ignorant as an experienced rider to have not known that he was bullshitting you about it being learner legal.

    If he gave you a good deal then sell it for more than you paid, get a bike you can legally ride, then punch him in the face again.

    Or.......... If is really is a genuine mate and simply silly enough to think it was learner legal, you could always return the bike ask him for the money back. This would certainly be a defining test of his friendship. We never want to test our mate's loyalty but I know if I sold a bike to a mate and later found out I gave incorrect information, then I would be offering a refund immediately. I don't think it's unreasonable. :)
  11. ^^^^Ignore this advice. You're already out of cash, the last thing you want to do is crash and then find out your insurance won't cover you because you weren't legal to ride it.
  12. My god, what astonishing terrible advice. Sell the darn bike, I say. I would imagine it might be too much of a temptation just sitting there...
  13. i'd go round to where your 'mate' lives and tell him to give you the money for the bike, and he gets it back.

    Dog act.

    then punch him. he needs it.
  14. Really? What about the OP's responsibility to check these things? Perhaps his friend was mistaken about the bike being learner approved?
  15. depends how the 'mate' pushed the sale. if the mate was like 'yeah its lams approved for sure, just buy it from me for cheap' i would be at least going over there and calling him names.

    but if said mate was like 'hmm i dunno if its lams or not, you'll have to check it out' i would say shit happens.

    mates should look out for each other, not try and scam a quick dollar off each other.
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    Stupid, stupid advice, how many cops do you pass a week? Quite a few im assuming, it just takes one to see a P plate and take a guess its not LAMS. Ride once, probably ok, ride 100+ times before your off P's and i'll guarentee you will get done. Of course you could ride with out P plates but again your taking the same odds with an even worse outcome.
  17. cops would be the least of his worries.....crash it into a mercedes or cripple a pedestrian he'll be paying out of his pocket for the rest of his life!:-({|=