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No idea what bike i want...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Booki, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody,
    I am looking for a bike, pref hoping to find something before the wicked choco run that takes place in August so i have to get hunting!

    First problem...no idea what bike I want.

    Well I know what kind of bike i WOULD like to have, but i don't think it exists...

    Anyway here is some information about yours truely which may assist in reccommended me a two wheeled beast.

    I am looking for something reasonabley priced, budget around 3-5k.

    After something - Cheap, Light, great handling, looks, power to back it up (but not a super revvy POS like my prev bikes)

    Prev ride - Had a GSF250V and a CBR250R. I liked both bikes, but really hated their power bands. I felt like they had literally nothing down low, ie i would loose speed going up hill if i was not in the right gear. They sucked. Are super sport 600's this bad or do they actually have some torque? (early 2000 models)

    Comfort - Does not really bother me

    Power Curve - Looking for something with a bit of torque off the line, that can still be revved to have some fun. So i would say something inbetween a full blown rev the bs outta the bike and where you can be in top gear all day. Something in between?

    Current Ride - DRZ400SM, So no motards please, unless you have a reason to reccommend one then im all ears. Want a road bike to do road speeds at a comfortable pace. Tard to me is really only good fun in sub 100km/h area's. No good for long adventure rides. Hence reason for wanting another bike :D

    Weight - I do prefer my light bikes...if thats even a option

    So.............What do i buy?
  2. Suzuki SV650 or similar maybe?

    More real world grunt than an SS 600 so it's easier to ride when you're not playing and enough chassis and top end to be good fun when you are.

    Or a TRX850 perhaps? Similar comments apply.

    If you want an I4, the old Bandit 600 would fill the bill but I doubt if you'd find a nice one easily.
  3. Thoughts on the R6? Are they really that bad down low?

    More so compared to 250 4cyls...

    Otherwise, thoughts on a street triple? Won't get one in my price range, but i think its the perfect bike for me...
  4. No problems compared to a 250. Waay more grunt low end. Just not much compared to twins and thous etc. Will still hold a gear going uphill. Just have to kickdown to overtake.
  5. are you on restrictions?
  6. Indeed your 'wants" list and budget aren't entirely compatible.....

    (and I know how that feels ! )
  7. If you are on restrictions vtr250 or gpx/zzr250

    if not sv650, older mid weight sports - cbr600f, zx6, yzf600 gsx750 etc etc, older vfr's
  8. Ducati Monster-ticks all your boxes.
  9. Off restriction's.
    Been riding dirt for a while, so for those who ride dirt would know the bands on dirt bikes are alot different to road bikes.
    I have a YZ 125 if it makes any difference to the recommend bikes.

    And yes i agree...my budget is a bit low, what if i were to amp up the budget?
  10. I suspect that a sub-$5k Duc will tick a lot more than that :D.
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  11. Nice!! Always liked the monsters.
  12. if you amp up the budget then street triple / daytona has to be on the list.

    There's a Daytona for sale in New South for $7K that would be awesome... that's a hell of a lot of bike for $7K though it would cost you some to get it roadworthied and reg'd down here.

    But oh my god you'd have fun bringing her home!!!
  13. Hmmm monster looks ok, though isn't doing much for me in the pics. Might look better live?

    Main reason for looking at another bike is the choco run is coming up and i really enjoyed it last time i went (2 years ago) on the GSF250V.
    I just don't think the tard is up to handling it....maybe i should just up my gearing and balls it.
  14. Always liked the street triples, i remember reading about how well they pull from the low rpm's and just keep going up top. Seemed like the perfect bike....sucks what they did with the new model's though.

    Recken they look horrid with those new lights!
  15. The street triple is an amazing, amazing bike. Every time I borrow my brother's striple I wind up grinning like an idiot.

    But then, I grin like an idiot a lot...
  16. You're beyond my help if all u want a new bike for is the choc run.
    Best case scenerio-get fat and meet Notriders.UGGHHH.
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  17. Blab, shame on you.

    *Any* reason is a good enough reason for a new bike. Ya hear me?! *ANY* reason. No questions, no exceptions. That's our code, and we live by it or go broke trying.
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  18. Good,then he should go and buy one.
    Anything with ABS should suit.
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