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no idea on what bike to get...help!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by shady_knife, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. about 4-5 weeks ago a lady pulled out in front of me and my bike got smashed as a result. I got the insurance pay out and now have around 6k to spend on the bike.

    i've been looking everywhere for a bike thats larger than a 250, but still under 6k and in the R style as well (full fairing basically), bike sales, ebay, trading post and in stores and can't find anything within my budget.

    my bikes my only transport, so it is important i get a bike and not wait the 10months.

    i'm 6"4' so the smaller bikes are no good (hence why i had a hyosung)

    so a few questions.

    (im in Victoria)

    i got my P's in december (the 31st)
    first of all.
    whats the fine for riding a non lams approved bike? 1st offence? 2nd offence?

    what are some bikes that i should look into?
    i would go a suzuki sv650su [even though not full fairing (but out of price range afaik)] i take it you can't buy the su ECU?

    as far as i know the main contenders are (as in within specified criteria):
    Hyo gt650r
    Suzuki GS500F

    so what are some other bikes i should be looking for? at this stage i'm heading towards getting another hyo....

    i was looking at some 89 suzuki gsxr400's but they aren't LAMS apparently. sigh.

    kind of lost here, i don't want another hyo (i want to see what all the fuss is about)
  2. So you're hyosung got smashed up and you got paid $6000 for doing it? That's the first good story I've heard about a hyosung :)

    Just go get a gs500. My mate's 6'5" ish and he absoloutely loves his. Being a suzuki it wont constantly break like a hyosung, so it's less interesting to own but still fun.
  3. is there a difference between the gs500 and the gs500 with full fairing? ie: are the handle bars different? speedo different? ect? apart from the actual fairing, whats the difference?
  4. The only other bike I can think of would be an RVF400, but I think they would be a bit out of your price range.
    The GS500F is a nice bike, I've ridden one a couple of times and they are a nice handling bike, plus when your ready to upgrade you are going to get almost all of what you paid for it. And since your bike is your only means of transport, I think it's your best option because it's going to be the most reliable.
    Just saw your above post: I believe its just side fairing and headlight that is different. Mechanically they are the same.
  5. Don't buy a bike that you can't legally ride - your insurance company may have a clause in the policy that says that they won't cover your bike if you need to make a claim!
  6. I could be wrong, but I think the full fairing one comes with an oil cooler, and the naked without (or the other way around). Thats all I noticed when I was looking at them.
  7. Hi,

    I've got a 2008 GS500 with the fairing and it definitely has an oil cooler. I don't know if the naked has one or not though.

    As far as riding position etc goes both bikes are definitely the same.

  8. all but given up on getting a above 250, probably buy a POS until i get off my restrictions.
  9. Just get something reliable and that suits you while on restrictions, save up for your ideal bike after the restrictions.
  10. untill any other motorcycle manu wakes up the only real lams bike for a big foo is a gs500, nice bike anyway.
  11. Another advantage of the GS500 is they are so easy to work on yourself. Any fool can pull one to bits and put it back together.
  12. Yes, but they'll run lean with frequent freeway trips, working on a F is more of a pain then an E, the F is a giant sail in cross winds.

    And I don't think I'll be getting back what I paid for mine... not with 75,000km on it and counting.
  13. its ginji o.0

    looking at a gs500 on sat.
  14. just get a gsxr1100 and tear the chicken strips off it "sniff"
  15. Whats the go with the running lean from freeway trips? Just asking because i'm in the same boat, will be going for learners soon, and whatever bike I get will see some highway.

    Thanks guys.
  16. He makes it sound like a common problem that they all do - it's not. Have a look at http://gstwins.com/gsboard/ which is a GS500 forum and search for this (I just did). There are some mentions of it but generally it's older bikes where there is a mechanical issue causing it (leaking vacuum, carbs out of synch etc). It's not something where you buy a new bike and it just magically doesn't run right on the highway.

    My bike gets ridden at 80-100kph most of the time (beauty of living in Canberra!) and I've never had an issue.

    Even if you did have an issue like this it's a very easy fix and this is what warranty is for. Don't let this put you off, they are a great bike, much better than a revvy 250 IMO.
  17. Huh?