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No Hornet 900 08 model?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by triumphnoob, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Sorry if Im a numpty.. but are Honda discontinuing this bike?

    I have my heart set on a trumpy but since reading a few posts on this bike its definately come into consideration... mainly cause its more in my price range.

    I know there are new 07 models still on the floor out there but any news of 08 and beyond?

  2. I believe 07 was the last year for this model, at least here in Australia. But I also read in one of the British mags it will remain on sale over there so it would appear it is still being made, it's just Honda Australia who decided not to bring it in. Which is good in a way because I imagine they could always change their minds if the demand is still there.
  3. This is what it now is:
  4. This isn't a bad looking bike for a naked (from a woman whose not a naked bike fan).
    Had a sticky at one on Friday and it's definately worth the look imo. Seat height & bar setup wasn't too bad for a test sit. But the proof is in the ride isn't it really. Surprisingly enough it didn't feel that heavy either. Am looking round for dealer with a demo.

  5. The CBF1000 isn't a Hornet. Neither is the CB1000R. I'm told they will bring out a CB1000F Hornet sometime in the next year or two, based on the same platform as the CB1000R but using cheaper bits for more of an all-rounder focus.
  6. Well, the two Hornets I saw at a big dealership at Penrith were, I was assured, '08 models. One was a wild orange colour, the other red.

    The 1000F is a lovely bike; the seat height is actually lower than the seat height of the new Hornet and it feels a lot smaller
  7. hmmm.....
    I was assured, when buying my Hornet in January, that 2007 was the last year of the Hornet in that form.
  8. Despite what salesmen might tell you, Honda's own website only lists CB900 as the 07 model. There is no 08.
  9. fuquing lying salesmen.. jesus they shit me..
    all Hornets on dealer floors are 07 build bikes.. there may be a few that snuck through compliance early 08.. but I have yet to see one.. and we ordered a Hornet a few months ago and it has 07 compliance plate..

    the CB1000R is being touted as a "super" hornet..