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No hoper trying to cause an accident

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by O Rappa, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. I was returning home from a ride out today. As I was nearing home, coming up the end of James Ruse Dr heading west where it dips under a low bridge and rises back up, there's an on ramp for traffic to merge. Typical of merging lanes, there's usually a shoulder separating the two lanes and when traffic is backed up, there's usually a hero or two who decides they're special and can drive past all those who are properly waiting to merge.

    Anyway, as I was cresting James Ruse Drive and approaching this merging lane, I thought that there would probably be such a driver today. Sure enough, when I was at the top, I look in my left rear view mirror and a wanker in his black honda accord (the V6 version that was released concurrently with the Euro) is driving up and trying to squeeze past me!

    As the traffic had stopped I turned and looked at him and shook my head and kept shaking my head as I faced the front ready to move off. Then he started moving off and tried to squeeze into my lane again from the shoulder!

    The driver behind me let him in, and he managed to then move into the right lane besides me so I rode slowly because I just knew he was a dickhead because he had that kind of face. As soon as he just cleared me he pulled hard into my lane. I jumped on the horn and had the high beams going and revved the engine. Anyway, it was purely deliberate dangerous driving on his part.

    I don't think there's anything that can be done, but drivers are really taking a gamble with the lives of motorcyclists when they do stupid crap like that. They'll walk away from any collision they caused, while the biker will be FUBAR. It's this sort of crap that really gets to me. If Rudd or Abbot had a hardline policy against this kind of driver they'd have my vote lol!

    Anyway, forgot the number plate now, there was too much rage in me but I'll keep a look out for a V6 Accord with a sticker family of 4 people on the back right corner of the rear windscreen...
  2. you could have avoided the whole thing.
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  3. Let em go, get on happily without them.
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  5. Welcome to motorcycling.
    Its only rat cunning that will allow you to die of old age.
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  6. If you read through the posts in this section, you see a fairly common theme - new-ish riders being caught out by whatever and going "woe is me". Sure, the cage in question might have been in the wrong but it might be fatal to the motorcyclists to push your rights against 1+ tonne of steel.

    Your situation: You've acknowledged that as a motorcyclist you are vulnerable, were riding in an area you know is renown for problems, meet one and attempt to take him on. Rather than get your knickers in an incredible knot (rev bombing is a pretty pointless exercise, high beam was worth diddley-squat and the horn probably wasn't even heard beyond yourself) you should have simply let Mr Impatience in and been done with it. Your actions got you upset (as you said, "too much rage in me") possibly clouding your judgement and leaving yourself vulnerable due to distractions.

    I use Ryde Rd several times a week and know an area (Pymble) where cagers are likely to jump out from the on-ramp feed from the Pacific Hwy. What do I do? Simple... I switch to the RH lane prior to the on-ramp which mostly eliminates the situation.

    Remember, defensive driving/riding is the art of recognising potential problems/situations prior to their occurrence and taking action to avoiding 'em, not reacting in retrospect which might prove too late to make a difference.
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  7. The driver could smell the fear
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  8. Harsh but true none the less. Sense it rather than smell it perhaps, also anger and fear give off a similar aura.
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  9. Who waits in queue on a motorbike?
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  10. That'd be me :) I lane split sometimes if I'm in a hurry or when I get sick of waiting. Mainly though I don't know why I'm paranoid about traffic penalties/infringements for some wierd reason...is that a phobia?! I guess that's why lol

    Anyway, all true. I lost my cool a bit, my new helmet is pretty tight on my temples and my head was pounding by that time and I really wanted to get home!
  11. lesson learned move on
  12. A poem.....

    Here lies the body of William Day,
    Who died defending his right of way,
    He held it long and he held it strong,
    But he's just as dead as if he'd been wrong.
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  13. Yep. I'd hazard a guess at an L plate and a fluro vest to boot. Thats like blood in the water.
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  14. as others have said, you could've let that cager be, but thats no fun...filter up beside them when they are stuck in traffic, get them to roll down their window and say "if you want to filter, get a motorcycle", (optional rev bomb) then filter off into the distance.

    you'll end up with a massive smile on your face, trust me. :D
  15. I wouldn't even call it a queue - we can use parts of the road that other vehicles simply cannot.

    I never understand why some cagers get so flustered about filtering saying shit like 'BUT YOU'RE PUSHING IN!?!?!'. I don't hold you up at all while their decision to drive a 2x4 metre box weighing 1,500kg for only themselves does hold ME up.

    Do the same people get pissed off that people use NetBank rather than queueing up at the physical branch? The logic seems pretty much the same
  16. I do this too, mostly because of this: