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No help for accident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Last night my wife was coming home on her VTR 250 when she was balked at a T junction by a 4WD who suddenly braked in front of her for no apparent reason. :?:

    So instead of crashing into him she braked and stalled her bike and because of the slope of the road she coundn't keep her bike upright and had to do a controlled drop down. :evil:

    As she was attempting to pick up her bike against the slope of the hill at least half a dozen 'cages' drove around her and continued on ( to be expected) but what really pissed her off was that two motor bike riders did the same thing and rode around her as she struggled with her bike :evil:

    Is the good will which I see on this forum just an illusion or are there 'cagers' riding motor bikes out there who just don't give a toss either :?:

    Puzzled husband of a new rider :roll:
  2. its sad that they did not help, BUT i would hope most riders still would do the right thing and help out...i know i would
  3. Your Wife must of been unlucky enough to encounter two complete D##ks
    on the bikes,
    Everyone I know personally from this site and quiet a few others would have stopped, asked her to step back / stood her bike up for her, checked it over,started it and made sure she was ok and back on the bike and moving again BEFORE they left her to resume there trip.
    As for the cage drivers ? you'll get the occassional one that will stop and help ( usually a bike rider themselfs :cool: )

  4. To be fair I honestly think in that situation that everyone should have stopped to help, no only the bikers.
  5. exactly... i would do the same and most likely i would of rode with her home as i just live around the corner just to make sure
    would have clear mind if i left a fellow rider down and out
  6. Well on the same note, (sort off) Kathy ( a not unpretty girl :) ran out of petrol in Burke rd Camberwell a hundred metres from the servo. In peak hour. She only had 2 people help.. both women. Sort of sad.
  7. That sucks :evil:

    I hope your wife isn't too disheartened that only the inconsiderate were around when it happened.

    I think this may the exception to the rule. Usually someone (whether cage or bike) would stop to check.
  8. Myebe it was just yesterday? Kathys being ignored was yesterday as well.
  9. It is trully amazing... one time I droped off my bike for a RWC and decided to wack home with my gear still on me and a helmet in my hand... I had 3 bikes stop and ask me if I was OK and one offered me a lift...

    On the other hand I have smashed my bike in to the side of a car, block 3 lanes on Punt road... and the only people that stoped were the guy I hit, and a nurse who was right behind me... I remamber quite clearly all the bikes that managed to line split through the trafic and ride off... the nurse and the guy had to peel of my bike from the car and dump it against a wall on the foot path.. no one gave them a hand eather... go figure...
  10. What ever car, 4wd they are driving or bike they are riding, at the end of the day i think it comes down to the person passing by.

    Very sad that no one stopped.
  11. mate as cruel as it sounds your wife does need to know how to pick the bike up , for that very reason (because people are arseholes) .
    i wouldnt expect a car driver to stop and help ( most would but a lot wont) but that is shit seeing bike riders pass her and leave her.
    that is a dog act , regardsless who they are .
  12. There is a lot of assholes in this world including some motorcyclists. :evil:
  13. Why does it matter if you are in a car or on a bike. I know I would have stopped either way.
  14. I know for one i would have stopped, it takes a whole 5 minutes to assist and check.

    I was riding home one day when i saw a biker pushing a bike along the footpath about 50m from a servo. I couldn't not pull over. Turns out she had a puncture so i just hung around and talked with her tilol her hubby arrived to pick her up.

    Hope this restores some faith in you wife

  15. Whether or not she got any help from other traffic, it's good to know she can get the thing upright by herself, wouldn't you say?

    "What happened to Miss Independant?"
  16. that is a bit harsh... i know when i see riders even just stopped on the side of the road i'll slow down to see if there's a prob, and they'll wave me on if everythings ok... when i crashed my bike tho, i had heaps of people stop and help, bikes and cagers, they were all really helpful, so there are nice people out there.. somewhere...
  17. City people are just arseholes. I've lived here for nearly 10 years now and I'm still amazed at how self centred and arrogant city folk are compaired to country folk.
    Part of the reason I'll be leaving this shit hole soon.
  18. I hadnt been riding long when a car took the back of my bike away as he hadnt noticed everyone in our lane was slowing down in front and had to lane change at last moment and took me out...2 cagers stopped and helped me to make sure I was ok...There are some good ones out there I promise...Its unfortunate that your wife had to deal with the situation on her own, but its good to know that she did it...

    However, my accelorator cable snapped one friday going through the city - and I was standing by the side of the road looking confused waiting for RACV when a fellow netrider stopped and helped me sort it out...a couple of bikes had gone passed without any reaction, but once Jase had stopped I did get a few others making sure we were ok whilst he repaired it on the side of the road...

    Also, when haggishunter got side swiped I went up to check everything was ok - he went off in the ambo and wanted me to wait with his bike for the tow truck...whilst waiting - umpteen riders checked I was ok..

    There are some good people and some bad ones, most riders tend to take care of each other in my experience, but some people are just a**eholes...
  19. Bit harsh mate :p I have lived in Sydney CBD, Newcastle, Lismore, Tweed Heads, Byron Bay, Melbourne suburbs and now Mt Martha and all I can say is the rudest people without exception live in Byron Bay and Lismore.

    The most polite people Mt Martha, not really city and not country. Just honest people trying to make a go and give their kids a better life.

    So is it just you or is it because there are a lot more people so the *a@!%hole* quotent is higher. :LOL: :LOL:

    OH by the way I would have stopped. :grin:
  20. Pretty sad that no one will stop for even a few minutes to help her pick up the bike :(

    I sat on the side of the road for 3hrs recently waiting for a tow when my bike broke down at least 10 bikes passed me during this time and none even gave me a thumbs up to check if i was ok.

    I've never been in a situation where i've passed a rider in trouble on the side of the road but i'm pretty sure i would stop to see if they were ok unless it was dangerous to do so (3 lanes over on the freeway, etc)