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no helmet enfored

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by XLAR8, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Either the Author of that story is moron and doesn't know the difference between Stealing/Robbery (drive offs) and Armed Robbery (using an item to threaten), or you Queenslanders are filling up your getaway cars lol.
    Or are the "armed robbers" threatening the bowser. I can just see a guy standing there holding a stanley knife to the pump hose and saying "spill it biatch".

    Are they going to ban beanies because they hide the colour of the offenders hair?

    And......cue discrimination type arguments.
  2. sales of flip-front helmets are set to soar :LOL:
  3. I don't see the difference Hornet. A flip top lid can still obscure your face from CCTV in the same way as a hoodie.
    Do tthey plan on banning open faced helmets as well, based on the principle that it's still a helmet and the muppet behind the counter doesn't understand/care about the true reason behind the ban?
    This is just one of the arguments I can see being raised.
  4. I take it they'll try to ban ALL helmets Hornet... saves the staff from having to interpret "degrees of obfuscation" (after all, the robber might have ears that wouldn't look out of place on the set of "Lord of the Rings"). They'll simply work with the "lowest common denominator" to save any interpretation that might bite them down the track.
  5. Flip and open face helmets won't matter in this respect. I know from experience having ridden into a servo on my little red company issue CT110, wearing corporate logo emblazoned orange fluro and brandishing a fleet card to pay for the $5.23 of petrol only to be asked to remove my open face helmet. Needless to say I filled up the bike each day at the servo a couple of kays up the road from that point on lmao
  6. I don't let people into my taxi with hoodies on I cant see a problem with haveing to remove helmets hoodies burkas ect.
  7. they'll never ban burkas
  8. I sense a netrider bulk buy of burqas coming on..........
  9. Considering the number of armed robberies and shootings up there capped off with the killing of a cop I can understand if service station owners are more wary.
  10. As a man the world is my toilet but not the goldcoast, it doesn't deserve that amount of respect.
  11. Totally. I'm surprised that we don't have all robbers using burkas, or at least those not 6 foot tall.
  12. Why doesn't everyone lighten up about a 30 second task to remove a helmet and put themselves in the place of the poor pr!ck behind the counter who faces a real risk of having a shottie shoved in their face any day, being in charge, as they are, of a business with lots of cash in the till. I hear a lot about biker's "rights", but hear fek-all about concern for anyone else.
  13. For minimum wage in most cases, don't forget.
  14. Why dont you explain the logic for us?
  15. Taking your lid off is a pretty minor task for the sake of avoiding the (potentially) fairly major angst that not doing so may cause the poor sod behind the counter.

    Beats me why everyone's so determined to keep their brain buckets on. I can't wait to get mine off every opportunity I get.
  16. So then, it has to do with another persons anger towards someone who doesnt want to take their helmet off? Well thats a crap reason.

    Is anyone telling me, a policy like this would have any effect on someone considering a robbery?
  17. Read what I wrote again. I didn't say anger, I said angst. Rather different.

    No, someone contemplating a robbery won't take their headgear off. Obvious but irrelevant.

    I've never worked in a servo, but life has placed me in some moderately dodgy places at various times and I can assure you that, in a highish risk situation (and I'd class the graveyard shift in a servo as falling into that category), someone approaching you with their face covered speeds the heart rate quite a bit. They may have the best of intentions but you don't know that.

    As I prefer not to scare the shit out of people unless I have to, I don't have a problem with alleviating their fears a bit by spending the 30 seconds or so that it takes to get my lid off and back on again.
  18. ...he said angst. Seriously you think it's too much effort to take your lid off and put it back on while walking to and from your bike?

  19. Our small business used to sell fuel, we stopped because to be honest you make bugger all money out of it. I WAS the 'poor pr!ck' behind the counter for about 15 years and I never asked anyone to remove a helmet.

    I get that the fuel companies are requiring them to be removed but don't confuse that with a genuine attempt to reduce risk to their staff, it's not.

    It's a cheap, cynical 'look like we're doing something without spending any of our own money' excercise, if they really wanted to improve safety they'd put safety partitions in like banks, building societies and even taxi companies have.

    So pardon me if I don't react well when some fool falls for the company line and gets all high and mighty and bellows instructions over the PA because I'm 10 seconds 2 slow taking my helmet off at the pump.