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No Headlights ?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by NuXnug, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Problem: 1991 Honda CBR250RR. No Std. Headlights.

    Only parkers & Highbeams working. (I'm pretty sure that the highbeam and std. beams use the same globe)

    With uni starting and needing my bike as a commuter. I don't have the time to do full troubleshooting on the electrical work. Before i do book it in for work, i was hoping someones experienced this before and are able to give me some pointers on what to look for etc.

    Thanks. Ed
  2. I presume you did the obvious and checked the globe??
  3. fuse... is there a fuse that runs the parkers and the main globes seperately ?

    check the globe... i have not done this yet because i am pretty sure the same globe runs std. and high beams

  4. Each fuse set up is different

    And the globe filament will show you if blown, but fuse easier to check first
  5. globe has 2 filaments, and reflectors. one for low and one for high.
  6. In case this didn't make sense, globe running both beams has two filaments, one can blow independently of the other and typically the low beam blows because you use it more.
  7. What the others are saying.
    In short, spend maybe $10 buying bulbs and fuses and starting with the bulb change them and at the very least you've always got spare fuse(s) and possibly a bulb if it was a two pack.
  8. 2 filaments. Blah! Completely forgot about that. Yeah, std. lights blew in one globe and then a week later the other globe went.

    Have to pull the whole front end. Argh. I'll have to wait till later this week. Got fair amount to organise first.

    Thanks for the tips guys, i'll let you know how it goes later.
  9. thanks for the help guys. The filament on both globes were blown. So all replaced now.

    BUt nowIi have a really quick flicker in the light, which happens on and off....*sigh*
  10. The flicker sounds like some sort of loose connection or failing high/low beam switch. Very likely the flicker is the cause of the bulbs blowing.
    To help diagnosis, does the flicker happen on 'high', 'low' or both?
  11. When you say flicker, do you mean that the lights will go out and then come back on? Or do you mean that they pulse from slightly dimmer to slightly brighter?
    And when it happens, is the flicker sporadic/perhaps in time with bumps in the road, or does it vary with the engine revs?

    I'm leaning towards the reg/rec, given both of your bulbs went in quick succession. Do you have a multimeter?
  12. mole: only happens on low beams.

    roh: it happens really fast. It doesn't go completely out, but light just flickers by "dipping" like its loosing power. Its really fast though.

    As far as i can tell, its got nothing to do with road conditions. For example. Sometimes coming up to lights, after sitting there for a couple seconds, SOMEtimes it just stays solid on.
  13. If it's only low beams, then mole's suggestion is more likely. If, as you say, you're not up for too much poking around, there's not much you can check. Beyond wires that look like they aren't where they belong, or insulation that has worn away, you'd need to open the switch assemblies and get the multimeter out.