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...no gloves?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by phongus, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. So I was looking through google maps as you do and stumbled upon this...


    Pretty sure protective gloves is part of OH&S policy...sure there was a reason for this. Anyways thought I'd post this up just cause I can and am bored.
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  2. It's so he can get to his Taser really quick
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  3. not a real cop
  4. Probably can't be bothered taking his gloves off all the time to prevent them from getting sticky because of the doughnuts.
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  5. cops in NSW rarely wear more then a helmet, just slacks and the cop shirt in summer at least.
  6. Come to think of it, probably forgot them at the doughnut shop...or cup cake store.
  7. He's wearing a fluro vest...that radiant aura of invincibility will protect him
  8. There's your answer - Robocop.
  9. Easier to txt while riding this way!
  10. Robo-dick?

    Wait....that's not right......

    Actually - yeah it really is
  11. Come on, he has amazing training and an amazing rider, with heated grips. So no need for gloves to keep warm, or protect his skin since he will not crash.

    Lack of gloves makes it easier to draw his weapon or taser to subdue a new student who has strayed across the border.
  12. Very true.

    Also makes it easier for him to undo his pants when he bends you over for speeding
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  13. Who cares, really?
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  14. The 30 seconds to remove his gloves is the difference between him missing and making his daily fines quota.
  15. I wonder what they blurred out? His ID number or something I presume?
  16. i thought that was so he could RBT am i the only one that had to suck on the breathalyser instead of blow?
  17. I often ride in t shirt only,but always wear gloves
    i feel safer
  18. If gloves are not a legal requirement when riding a bike then it would go down to departmental policy
    Which no one here seems to know.
    So lets just make wild accusations.

    Maybe a WorkSafe inspector can tell us ?!?
    They have issued fines against Police members before for not wearing a hi-Vis vest when required.
  19. Never mind the gloves, the silver helmet looks totally un-colour coordinated with everything else. He is a moving uniform faux pas. The non matching helmet colour actually makes me cringe!
  20. His nails haven't dried yet.