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No gloves but jacket, boots and pants?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cejay, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. I dunno, but I reckon if you are going to wear jacket, boots and draggin's or leather pants, you might as well put gloves on too? Saw 3 guys on sports bikes in Nunawadding last night (on way to Cleo's) with all the gear but no gloves.

    And then today, coming back from a trip to the Spurs, guy going to go through the Black Spur with jeans, runners and t-shirt. I can understand going squid through the city, posing around St Kilda or wherever your local night life is, but a run through the Spur?

    Anyway, each to their own, but the gloves thing I can't see the point of.

  2. One of my dads mates is they guy at the hospital that does the autopsies in the morgue. He is also a rider, used to have a DR400 or something.

    He told me he would always wear gloves and shoes at least as he had seen what it would do to your digits. He had also seen what happens when you come off with an open faced helmet. The missing digits were the least of their problems.

    He does have some interesting tales to tell. Most are not good feeling stories but they do inspire me to wear full gear everywhere i go.
  3. Id assume most squids going thru the spur wouldn't go nuts.

    I wear just a jacket and boots sometimes, some naked bits do feel nice
  4. Conny if your dads mate does autopsies, and refers to accident victims with sheared off faces and missing digits – what does it mater? the accident killed them anyway.
  5. jeze i hope you at least put on some jocks :shock:
  6. Some didgits arn't worth the risk of loosing them. :shock:
  7. I think I know why Mat's boss thinks he's gay - turning up to work in just your jacket and boots, riding a ZZR is camp like boy scouts.
  8. Thats why i said
    But he also worked as a nurse and saw a lot of bike related injuries.
  9. sometimes if im going on short trips, i wont wear gloves. but i always wear jacket/jeans/boots. i dont like the idea of that wire brush, it just sounds sadistic.
    on longer trips, ill always all the gear.
  10. Nup, I have ridden in shorts, runners & a t-shirt, but I have always worn gloves.
    I feel naked without gloves on.

    Shuddup Eswen :p :p
  11. a ride on back streets to the shop... no worries....... anything over 50kph, gloves are on.
  12. Just think when your riding along look down when ( not if ) you fall you automatically put your hands out to cushion the landing , it's gonna be hard to wipe your ass with no skin on your hands isn't it ??? Think about everything you use your hands for when thev'e been ground off on the road your gonna regret not wearing them aren't you .
  13. onea my mother's friend's daughter came off on the Old road not wearing gloves, tore all the skin off her hands and she couldnt do anything herself for weeks, dunno bout you but i think i'd like to be able to wipe my own rear end.
  14. yeah, I s'pose the confusion was why wear all that other protective gear, but not protect the bits that always go out first when you fall?
  15. For sure if you go to all the other trouble why not do the glove thing... Only takes 15 seconds
  16. Exactly... the first things we put out to soften the fall is our hands. Unless your a cat and can land on your feet everytime... and have 9 lives... then go ahead and wear whatever you want to wear!
  17. Ahhh, the uniform for those who haven't come off. I'm guilty myself. It's funny how many people have said that they don't bother for the short run to the shops, etc, but do for longer trips, be it gloves, jacket or whatever. We all know that statistically, most accidents happen within 5km of home...

    It's interesting to have a squizz at a UK forum. None of them can fathom riding without the gear. Over hear, temperature tends to be a slight contributing factor... I confess I've ridden to my folks' place on a number of occasions (about 100k) with my jacket & gloves across my lap. These would be times when the temps are scalding. I pull up 100m from their place & don the gear, just to save the hassling. I'll probably regret it one day, but until then...

    I'm a nurse. I've helped in the autopsy room. I've seen what it can do. I should know better. Last fella I picked up from the side of the road (no, not that kind of "picked up") had a high speed prang around Splityard (for those in the know), wearing boardies. Not a pretty sight.
  18. Another point - most accidents within 5 km from your destination.

    Even if I'm only running down to the shop (which is 5 km), I will still have full gear on. You just never know what is going to happen around the corner.
  19. Oops, bl**dy dial-up....didn't mean to repeat you VTR, I should have refreshed before posting :?
  20. Beautifully worded. A lot of unwanted pregnancies could have been saved by the same philosophy...
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: