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No fuel tonight

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by dima, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Tried to fill up the bike but there's no fuel anywhere around.

    Govt too all trucks off the road for safety inspections.

    A bit stumbled by this and this is why:

    - truck driver couldn't go around the roundabout and put everything around on fire. Can't believe it.
    - VIC too every single truck off the road at once
    - they could do the inspections progressively
    - all it take to run out of fuel for the whole state - one driver who misjudgment the road and conditions.


    Go nuts discussing :)
  2. My understanding was it wasn't misjudging the road and conditions - his brakes weren't working. He was blowing his horn trying to warn oncoming traffic that there was a problem. After inspections, over 100 defect notices have been issued to other trucks in the same fleet. So while it may be a pain in the arse, being short of fuel for a few days is probably better than being burnt to death like the two guys in the car that the fuel truck crashed into.
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    Bet you wish you had an electric bike now.
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  4. But Tone2, I reckon they should do a regular monthly shut down. Surely most would agree its better to be inconvenienced once a month rather than being burnt to smithereens? Even if we only save one life, it's still worth it!

    I was just thinking.. what about defective trains, traffic light control boxes, boom gates, elevators, cranes, omg the list is endless. fcuk! So many ways to die that I haven't thought about. Lucky we have smart people looking after us.
  5. We'd cut our carbon emissions too!
  6. The link doesn't say that.

    VIC: 170 tankers were inspected, 62 grounded with 148 defects found.
    NSW: 211 tankers were inspected, 8 grounded with 174 defects found.

    Fuel leaks, oil leaks, brakes, suspension, structural issues with chassis'.

    They are facing possible charges. You'd have to question auditing and maintenance processes.

  7. Now I'm pissed off that I sold 24 bikes with 1/2 to full tanks of fuel.
  8. I imagine there are various safety requirements these companies are supposed to meet, and that those are supposed to prevent stuff like this happening.

    With that in mind, such an incident occurring suggests people haven't being doing what they're supposed to, and entirely justifies checking up on everyone.

    They are obliged to shut everyone down at once because not doing so would mean it is (partially) their fault -due to their lack of action- if someone else goes up in flames. A pain, sure, but the arse-covering is understandable in this day and age.
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  9. dima,
    FYI in Vic they didn't put every truck off the road at once. Vic Rds with the Police went to the truck yards and did progressive checks. It just happened to be that 3/4 of the trucks were deemed a safety risk.

    It is a pity trucking companies and the truck owners didn't spend some money on the rigs earlier.
  10. They had fender eliminators?? :bolt:
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  11. Do you know how much more regulated the rail industry is compared to the trucking? The other thing would be that trains normally only kill dumb ass car drivers who decide to stop over level crossings. Or pedestrians who try to run in front. 1.7km and 4500t doesn't stop that fast. And I have no sympathy for anyone who is dumb enough to play chicken with a train. I've had a few idiots at level crossings. I just put the brakes on and wait.
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  12. Did anyone find reduced congestion during fuel shortages?

    For those of us who ride vehicles that use little fuel, a fuel shortage could mean quicker commute times. Not noticeable in Brisbane, though.
  13. Not really, here in Sydney power black-outs are a lot more common than fuel shortages.
  14. You mean a coal powered bike? 'Cos that's what they are in Australia.
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  15. There was no 98 at the bp's on the way towards Phillip island due to the trucks, but 95 was still available. I'm guessing the 98 has lowest priority.